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  1. You are completely missing the point. What you do by forwarding directly to you account works fine. Also for me. Evernote is throwing away emails - including millions of non-spam - emails. This is simply not o.k. There is no way to see what they are throwing away. Period.
  2. I'd say you don't know what you are talking about here. Evernote has throw away millions of emails without informing customers or getting their consent. When handling spam in email the spam is made visual, so you can check and take action on the mails classified as spam and take corrective action. Here Evernote just throws away emails and some day you find out about and start wondering what is going on. Bad! So yes, I would prefer to handle the spam myself and let Evernote run a storage service with no hidden surprises. But in my case there have been absolutely no spam mail prior to this - they have been filtered away in the forwarding mail server where I can see what has taken place.
  3. Evernote has without any information to or consent from customers suddenly applied filtering of mails coming from auto forwarding mail services. This has for us, and many others, meant that suddenly the flow of mails came to more or less a complete stop. We have used a lot of time and ressources to find out what was happening before Evernote finally admitted that they had applied this mail filtering at their servers. This has been due to as they write "....when we made some updates to our email forwarding service to protect customer accounts,...". We have good spam filtering on our mail forwarder and have not seen even a single spam mail being forwarded to our Evernote account, so I doubt this should be the real reason. Evernote owes all customers who have been affected by this an apology, and they should immediately remove this filtering for all accounts.
  4. Thanks Gazumped and Dave. I find this quite strange as Evernote cripples their product this way. Tried to login then via chrome on android just to get the message: Sorry, Evernote web is not supported on android browsers. @Dave: There is no "Search" button on my android, so it seems that search via a mobile is more or less useless. It should not be that impossible in my opinion to pass the search terms on to the servers, perform the search and return the results. At least they should provide some kind of option to make a real search not just a crippled mobile search. The product is in my opinion more or less useless if it haves such huge limitations.
  5. I find it weird that the search using an android client is rather limited compared to the windows version. Quite often I experience that a given search term does not reveal any notes in android but the same search in windows works. Is this by design, or is there a way to turn on full search on a mobile client?
  6. In my worklflow I need to copy text from pdf's. With the page width I have for Evernote, almost constantly these icons blocks precisely so that I am unable to select the text underneath. It's highly annoying. The solution to open the pdf's is not a good option for me as it would reduce my productivity significantly. My suggestions is to make it possible to deselect the presence of these icons via preferences. Personally I never need/use them.
  7. @Dave-in-Decatur: I already almost only uses the mouse, and the text I need to select and copy are almost always in the lower right side of the pdf, so precisely when mouse gets to this point the icons roll in and covers what I need to select😬 @DJK72: My challenge is that I have a large number of pdf's typically one-page, so unfortunately this would make my workflow inefficient. Anyhow, thanks for your suggestions. Now I at least know that this cannot be solved my some kind of configuration.
  8. In the pdf viewer the three icons for zooming in/out and adjust page are very often precisely blocking for my ability to select text. This is very annoying in my work flow. Is there any possibility to get rid of these? Have not been able to find anything in preferences. Thanks.
  9. Thanks MatS14. I really only want to be able to see who has created a note nomatter if it is placed in a shared or a non-shared notebook. This information that is displayed at the top in a shared notebook is very valuable, and should in my opinion be available everywhere.
  10. In a shared folder you can see this information in the top of the note area. However, when a note is emailed into evernote and not placed in a shared notebook, this appears to be missing. Isn't there a way to see this information also in non-shared notebooks? If I drag an existing note from a non-shared notebook into a shared notebook, this info magically appears. So it must be possibe lto see it somehow I guess.
  11. I am not able to upgrade my account, i have tried it for 10 times. i have exam coming near & not able to upload new notes . i am stuck, help.



  12. Just got a new PC, and here the issue with doubleclicking a string only works in second attempt was identical. So this is a bug in evernote that occurs when you have a selection and doubleclicks on a word in a pdf in one of the notes fitting the selection criteria. First dobleclik and trying to copy: Selecion disappears. Second doubleclik and trying to copy: Selection stays. Is there a bug reporting thread somewhere? I couldn't find it.
  13. Problem solved: The issue was due to that the notebook and the second monitors screens were on simultaneously. When only having the second monitors screen on, everything is back to normal. Sorry for being a novice here - but not much experience with a dual monitor setup using a notebook
  14. Thanks Jefito. Yes, windows 10. I have configured the screen shot within Evernote to be activated with ctrl+shift+print screen, but it doesn't matter whether I use this or other combinations. The same happens regardless of clipping to a note directly or to the clipboard. In the very moment I presses this key combination the entire screen is being reduced in size. My PC is an ASUS UX490U with native Full-HD, but the graphics card can deliver Q-HD which I am using on my secondary monitor. Wonder whether this could be due to some kind of interference between the Asus screen and the Q-HD screen?
  15. When pressing the short cut keys to take a screen shot I have noticed on my new PC that the pixel size is reduced, and also the resulting clip (making it almost unreadable). Anyone who knows what is controlling this behaviour?
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