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  1. Thanks MatS14. I really only want to be able to see who has created a note nomatter if it is placed in a shared or a non-shared notebook. This information that is displayed at the top in a shared notebook is very valuable, and should in my opinion be available everywhere.
  2. In a shared folder you can see this information in the top of the note area. However, when a note is emailed into evernote and not placed in a shared notebook, this appears to be missing. Isn't there a way to see this information also in non-shared notebooks? If I drag an existing note from a non-shared notebook into a shared notebook, this info magically appears. So it must be possibe lto see it somehow I guess.
  3. Just got a new PC, and here the issue with doubleclicking a string only works in second attempt was identical. So this is a bug in evernote that occurs when you have a selection and doubleclicks on a word in a pdf in one of the notes fitting the selection criteria. First dobleclik and trying to copy: Selecion disappears. Second doubleclik and trying to copy: Selection stays. Is there a bug reporting thread somewhere? I couldn't find it.
  4. Problem solved: The issue was due to that the notebook and the second monitors screens were on simultaneously. When only having the second monitors screen on, everything is back to normal. Sorry for being a novice here - but not much experience with a dual monitor setup using a notebook
  5. Thanks Jefito. Yes, windows 10. I have configured the screen shot within Evernote to be activated with ctrl+shift+print screen, but it doesn't matter whether I use this or other combinations. The same happens regardless of clipping to a note directly or to the clipboard. In the very moment I presses this key combination the entire screen is being reduced in size. My PC is an ASUS UX490U with native Full-HD, but the graphics card can deliver Q-HD which I am using on my secondary monitor. Wonder whether this could be due to some kind of interference between the Asus screen and the Q-HD screen?
  6. When pressing the short cut keys to take a screen shot I have noticed on my new PC that the pixel size is reduced, and also the resulting clip (making it almost unreadable). Anyone who knows what is controlling this behaviour?
  7. Yes, this is really strange and annoying. In beta version this is still not working so afraid this is something they cannot do. The worst setback I have experienced in my 10 years with evernote!
  8. Thanks for your help Cal! Seemingly this is an issue on my PC. Must try to reinstall to see if this helps. Regarding the selection of numbers by double-clicking, Adobe selects the entire number. It also works that way in Google Chrome (selcts entire number), but in Firefox it works like in evernote pdf's. Weird.
  9. Could you please try to do this on a completely fresh pdf, ie a pdf you have not worked on / touched before? I observe this every time I try to copy from pdf's in my workflow. This has been so across various updates.
  10. Thanks - that's correct. Sorry for posting in the incorrect forum. As not being a daily forum user, I find it difficult to orientate myself among the fora. Also have used some time - invane - to search for forums/threads related to beta versions.
  11. Additionally I frequently observe that the ability to copy and paste ist completely lost. Only solution is to shut down Evernote and start over again. Quite tedious to do this 4-5 times pr. day.
  12. This relates to both the latest beta and the current stable release: When selecting a string with the mouse, and the pressing ctrl+c to copy this string to the clipboard, it looses the selection and nothing is copied. Then you have to select the string again, and the second time it always work. So the first string you select in a given pdf does not work with ctrl+c. A lot of unneeded selecting and clicking Another issue that bothers me, is that when trying to doubleclick a number, for example 235,31, evernote only highlights the part of the number being clicked on., So either "235" or "31" will be highlighted. Maybe this is due to that evernote does not recognize a non-US number with reverse decimals? In my opinion Evernote should always see a number as one item to select.
  13. Now that the new 6.8 has been implemented, I had sadly discovered that - despite several requests during the beta phase - it is still impossible to drag a pdf from EN and drop it into an email. This is really a productivity killer for me, and probably many others. In the 6.8 beta it was told that you could choose to view the pdf's as attachments and drag from here, meaning 1) Right click the pdf in question 2) Choose "Show as attachment" 3) Drag the pdf to an email 4) Deselect "Show as attachment", when/if the above worked This worked some time back in the beta time, but now no longer for me. Also I have noticed that - sometimes - the option to "Show as attachment" is not appearing when the pdf is 2 or more pages. This is really really bad. Could something be done about this?
  14. Thanks Gazumped, Tried to un-install, but can't do that either due to missing evernote.msi. It is not in the C:\Users\<user>\Evernote\AutoUpdate either. I do not have any network drives attached, but the error message I get is this (translated into english): "The function you try to use is on a network ressource that is not available. Click on OK again, or write another path to a folder with the installation package 'evernote.msi' in the field below'. Tried to un-install both via Windows built-in un-installer and Revo - both gave an identical error message.
  15. Now apparently version 6.8 is out of beta, and I was this morning presented with the download. I accepted and installation began. However, during the install the installer could not find the msi file - said it was on a non-existing network ressource or something like this. At the end some "Bootstrapper" error message. The old 6.7 is still there and working, but this is a bit odd I think. Anyone else experienced this?
  16. Just wonder if anyone out there who's running Windows 10 insider preview (1709 build 17046.1000) and also use the /Debug function in Evernote (, have observed the same as me: Switching between accounts no longer works - Evernote freezes in the mode where the application looks like an image / screenshot. Seems as if you can only switch via the File menu, but as I have more than 50 accounts this is not practical for me. Maybe this could force me to go the EN-beta road, although there are still a lot of problems as far as I have read. This behaviour is new to me and observed for the first time after logging in just after updating to the newest W10 build.
  17. The pdf viewer is asolutely working bad: - Very unrealiable selection of text when copying / pasting as mentioned in earlier thread - The bottom part of the page cannot be seen on screen - you have to open the pdf in its entirety via default pdf app - No possibility to drag and drop pdf's into for example gmail - A lot of space is lost due to the grey background. Why can't you expand to fit width?
  18. A huge problem for me, that I thought was solved with the new pdf-reader, is that copy>paste often fails. I have error reported this earlier re the old version. The problem is that when you double-click a string, press ctrl+c, and then paste another place via ctrl+v. Very often, and now worse than before, the copy does not get the marked text, and you inadvertedly paste the previous copy. This is a problem that only relates to copy, pasting from Evernote pdf's. I experience this nowhere else. I have an example right now where I can select this text and press copy, and the old clipboard item is pasted. Sometimes it helps to do the copy again, but now I have tried to do it 5 times with the same result. This simply must be solved. Please PM me if you want an example pdf Win10 EN
  19. @twkrol: On your advise I have just tried to install EN, and it might have helped, although too early to say. Will try seeing during my work the coming week. But exiting But even better for me - yihaaaaaa!!!!!! pdf's are now improved so that when you double click a word/number/date, it no longer opens the pdf, but rather highligts the text!!!! This is so amazing that I hardly have words for it - the paint > copy > paste so often failed in the old/current release, and I inadvertedly pasted the previous copy due to a failed copy. However there is a slight delay (2 secs) in opening the pdf's, but this is nothing compared to the slowness I experienced earlier. Guess this is something Evernote will improve in coming releases. I am a truly happy man today!
  20. Thanks a lot Gazumped! I'm using W10 with EN on a local SSD drive. Will try to do some experimenting with the "purge note setting" and if no success a fresh install. I did actually have support from EN about this, but that didn't solve the problem. Will let you know if any of your suggestions remedies the situation
  21. From I click a note to the content appears it often takes between 3 and 20 seconds (W10 app). This simply cannot be right. I have tried: - a complete reinstall of EN after having uninstalled using revo uninstaller - Cleared the database and refreshed it from the web - Made sure that I do not use import folders in cloud based folders There is a specially long wait after having changed to another notebook or performed a saved search. Then it takes ages for the first note I select to display, but the following notes typically just 1-6 seconds. Sometimes the content display immediately. Any advise on how to remedy this? Do you experience similar long waiting times?
  22. I'm quite sure that you will not be able to select ant text if the pdf has not been OCR'ed. When/if Evernote make the OCR at their end, they do not put searchable text into the pdf, so also in those situations the text is not selectable. When experience this situation very often I can copy/paste other strings from this pdf, but for unknown reasons it fails for other strings. However when I find out, I normally can go back and re-select the string, and then the copy paste works again for this particular string. Maybe it has to do with invisible character being included into the selection and that somehow blocks the selection function, or something else particular with the selection as such?
  23. This has been a consistent error - at least for me - over a long period of time. I paste info from pdf's into an accounting program, and occasionally I have experienced that I first copy and paste the invoice number, then copy the amount and when I paste the amount (believe I'm pasting), the invoice number is pasted. Quite unfortunate, but of course due to my control procedures, does not lead to actual errors. However all in all it gives an uncertainly and lacking trust to the copy/paste functionality. This does not happen very often, perhaps once every 20-50 selections. I have though at times when I notice that this happens, tried to go back to Evernote and repeat the copy (based on the original selection), and the copy still does not work. So therefore I do not believe this has to do with Windows Clipboard, but the selection functionality (don't know whether this is Windows or Evernote though) I'm running Windows 10 version 1703 build 16257.1 and Evernote (305512), but the same issue has prevailed over the last many windows and evernote versions.
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