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  1. Update 2: Working with Evernote's support resolved this issue. "Recent updates to their forwarding service, relating to account protection, prevented delivery of certain messages from certain domains." The outage is resolved and I am now receiving all scans and emails to my Evernote email address. Thanks to those who offered input on this thread. Appreciate Evernote seeing this through to completion. A side note: Updating and correcting the DMARC Quarantine/Reject policy did not resolve the issue. However it did eliminate it from the list of possible causes.
  2. Update: It appears that my host is does not have the DMARC Quarantine/Reject policy not enabled causing Evernote's spam filters to flag the inbound email and or scans. We are working this issue right now. I will post the results as they become available. Thanks for everyone's continued input.
  3. I am having the following issue(s). Emails and document scans are not reaching my Evernote email address. Here are the finer points: This issue revolves around a specific domain/host and emails emanating from that domain/host. The emails do not arrive from a specific address when I use the mail client "Mailbird." However when I use webmail supplied by our email host, the emails deliver every single time. When I scan documents from a Canon Multi-function machine to my Evernote email address, again over the same domain and host, the scans do not arrive. When I send email from the email address
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