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  1. After trying to live with EN 10 on my Windows machine for the last few days, and after trying it three previous times, I've again gone back to the legacy version again. There are some small bugs that I could live with in the new version, but the lag issues continue. I know EN is working on the speed issues and I hope hope they get it figured out soon. I read from a Level 3 member, wondering why people don't just move to another solution and stop whining. That's a fair question, but I think I can shed some light on that. I have been a power user of EN for 10 years and have found NOTHING that even comes close to it's capability and it's ability to keep things at my fingertips, no matter where I am or what device I am using. It still is the best solution for my needs, even if we had to stay with V 10. It would be fair to say that our frustration and discord arise from the fact that something that we've depended on for many years, is no longer dependable in the ways we need. And feeling like we're not being heard by EN is very frustrating. It's like loving someone for many years, only to find out they don't love you anymore. Yeh, it hurts and we're wondering how we move on. The response is visceral and emotional, only because it has been such an important part of our lives, for so long. If we didn't care, we'd shut up and move on.
  2. I too was missing a very important notebook. I tried restarting my phone and closing and opening EN. I opened the app, clicked on the 3 horizontal lines in the bottom left , then the gear icon next to my name, chose "Notebooks" and "Offline notebooks". There I saw the missing notebook, but with no number next to it in parenthesis, as is with the other notebooks. I had been doing some work here a couple of days ago and EN was acting wonky. It wouldn't allow me to choose certain notebook. those it did allow, would start to download, but never complete. Unfortunately, although I get a "name of notebook" downloading, when I click on the button to turn on, it will not allow me to actually choose the notebook by sliding the button to the right. In my efforts a couple of days ago, it seemed EN was having the most difficulty turning on the offline notebooks for those that had more notes. I'm hoping they get this resolved.
  3. Problem solved. I was reading an EN forum note from 2015 on a similar subject and it mentioned "Evernote Addins" as being a potential culprit. I recalled I had done some things in Filterize, including having it copy all mail in my email inbox to EN. I deleted that filter and the problem disappeared. I'm relieved beyond words...
  4. I turned off all automatic syncing on my laptop and tried manually syncing; then went to the web version, and the note had moved to the correct notebook. But then the note showed back up in the web version in the original notebook, a few minutes later. Then it showed up on my laptop version again. This was all after completely deleting EN from my laptop and reinstalling with all automatic syncing turned off. It's getting pretty frustrating...
  5. That may be, but I'm thinking the problem lies somewhere else. I deleted the legacy app and all files in the "Evernote" folder on my laptop and tested the issue on the web version only. The problem persists. Per your suggestion, I am now reinstalling the legacy version on my laptop and will follow your sync suggestions, including turning off any automatic syncing. Fingers and toes are crossed. BTW, there is a bug in the web version. When I click to open an attached pdf on a note, the preview for that pdf remains, even if I move to another note. The only way to get it right, is to refresh the page.
  6. I did try uninstalling by first closing EN legacy on my laptop by File>Exit and then Windows 10 uninstall. I then opened EN web version and moved a few notes out of my inbox and they moved back to my inbox in a few minutes.
  7. Thanks for commenting Mike. That makes sense that having two versions on my laptop could cause a problem and I did have both on my machine initially, but I no longer have 10 version and am only running legacy. It continues to happen in legacy and when I close legacy on my laptop and open EN in web version and the issues remains. I move notes from one folder to another and although it appears to work, the notes are moved back to my inbox within a few minutes. Is it possible there are still vestiges of EN on my laptop that are not deleted when I do an unistall on my Windows 10 laptop? With EN support being overwhelmed, this forum is my only means to get this corrected. Thanks again for chiming in. Phil
  8. I've tried this in the legacy version (6.25) and the 10.0 version and both have the issue. When moving a note from one notebook to another, by any means, it shortly moves the note back to the original notebook. It appears it might be happening during sync. This issue showed up yesterday. Is anyone else experiencing??
  9. I'm not considering switching, but I did revert to the pre-10 version after trying version 10 on my Windows desktop a couple of days ago. Tagging was glitchy (start typing a tag, EN predicts and presents the tag, click on the tag and nothing), the delete key on my keyboard would no longer work to delete a note and the control function to delete a note was glitchy, sometimes it worked and other times it did not. But most important was the dramatic reduction in the response rate. A deleted message (if it worked) would take up to 15 seconds to delete and again, sometimes it did not work. Dragging and dropping the note into Trash was also very slow, deleting with the Delete key use to be almost instant. The preview of a note was also substantially slower. Overall, much slower throughout. I'm going to stay with the older version for a few months and try 10 again in the future. I may reach out to EN for ideas as well. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else is having slowdown issues.
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