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  1. Yes pgbobs. That's sounds similar to what I've been experiencing. And when I attempt to list my Notebooks, there is actually a gap/blank between two much smaller Notebooks, where it would normally be listed. Also, the Notebook's notes have been downloaded, but there is no Notebook in their label. And additionally, I can't even create a Note on my cell. It seems like I am doing so, but there is no Notebook field. I have been thinking that it is because the big, missing Notebook, is the default. There are other issues, most or all, of which, I did read some posts about. EN Tech. Support has reached out to me, but I have had too much going on to reply. At the moment, I am using my old Samsung Note 8 for Evernote.
  2. Hi gazumped ... Yes. I turned it off and on. Didn't help. So I uninstalled it, and reinstalled. No luck! What made me even more upset was that, at least before I uninstalled, the Home Screen Note Titles were still on the screen, but I couldn't open them. After uninstalling and reinstalling, I had, of course, lost those. Ugh!!! They, at least, acted as placeholders. And yes, all my Notes are still on my Desktop App, as well as online. It's just on my Cell ... the one I use 75% of the time. Fortunately, it turns out Evernote has not been updated on my old Samsung Note 8, and so I'm reverting to that temporarily. It's slow, but has given me some relief. I am otherwise, very upset! I can't believe it isn't even accepting new Notes, let alone everything else. By the way, the Notes in my PLIH Notebook, as it is called, (my key one of over 30,000 Notes), are viewable as part of the "All Notes" display, but I can't find in the Notebook List just the PLIH Notebook. The other issues, which seem to be included in the Forum, are: Notebook not displaying as part of a Note, nor available as an option Pics not displaying ... I'm overtired, and so, at the moment, I can't remember if there's more. Will update if I think of them. But quite frankly, these ones were enough.
  3. The one Notebook that is most critical for me to use every day, is missing! It is part of a large research project that I am actively working on daily, and especially from my Cell. 30,200 Notes as of yesterday! The other Notebooks are available, but this was my Default, and along with this, created Notes don't get added, nor offer the choice of a Notebook. I am really upset about this!!
  4. I have an Android Note 20 Ultra, and when I try to create a new note, it doesn't get added, nor does a Notebook selection come up. In fact, my main Notebook (of 30,200 Notes) is critical to me at this time for a large research project that I am actively working on. It isn't even listed in the Notebook lists. All the others are.
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