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  1. Oh my.. it was that easy? Somewhere along the line it was suggested that changes to the notebooks via Evernote was a no-no.. or maybe I had tried it and got an error message that made me run for safety. In any event, this works perfectly! I've now cleaned up my Notebooks and Notes. Next project will be to migrate notes I've made elsewhere back into Penultimate & Evernote.
  2. Time to ditch my Premium account. It's ridiculous that this type of update would be deemed acceptable and more so that there is no support for remedy...
  3. I resisted the update to Penultimate and then, with a moment of careless thought, updated my iPad. No going back so I need to do some cleanup within Penultimate. I see notebooks from the old Penultimate are now all Notes in the root Penultimate folder. I want create Notebooks in Penultimate and move my old Notes to the appropriate Notebook for better organization. I don't see a Move function. When long press an existing Note I can Delete, Edit the name or launch the IOS Share dialog. How do I move existing Notes to new Notebooks withing Penultimate? To be clear, I know I can move Not
  4. Thanks.. I do use IFTTT with good results but as far as I can tell the only way to access the responses generated to Google Forms requests is to display it in Google Sheets.. What I need/want is the actual response form. I've pdf'd it and put that in Evernote, but page breaks and such make it less than ideal. Google Scripts... no idea if that is a solution.
  5. I have been using KustomNote to send templated notes Evernote. KustomNote is weak at best. I've been able to template a few of the notes I use often using Google Forms. Works fairly well for my needs but G-Forms will only push the form info into Google Sheets. If I could have the form Responses sent to Evernote, it could solve my needs.. and allow me to replace KusomNote. I know I can pdf the G-Form and manually send that to Evernote, but I am hoping for something more seamless...
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