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  1. Screen shot and past the image?
  2. Maybe this will help you... As a test, I created a new Notebook in Penultimate named TempFolder. There-in I created an unnamed note with content. Sync'd Penultimate to Evernote and I see the newly created TempFolder notebook, and the note. In Evernote I moved the note from TempFolder notebook to a different notebook that resides in a stack named Archive (Archive holds all older Evernote Notebooks I wish to keep, but don't need at top level). Sync'd Evernote and then sync'd Penultimate The note remains in the Archive stack in Evernote. Both the TempFolder notebook and the note no longer appear in Penultimate. I now have a copy of the note saved and archived in Evernote that is no longer being tracked by the Penultimate app. So one step more.. I moved the note to another notebook named TempOffline and after sync, both the note and the TempOffline notebook are now in Penultimate. hmmm... Dragged the note in Evernote and dropped it on the Archive stack.. sync and it and TempOffline notebook are now gone from Penultimate. Only challenge is that when I drag/drop to the Archive stack, Evernote files the unnamed note in the first sub-notebook (I assume stacks can only contain notebooks, not notes. This may or may not work for you.
  3. Oh my.. it was that easy? Somewhere along the line it was suggested that changes to the notebooks via Evernote was a no-no.. or maybe I had tried it and got an error message that made me run for safety. In any event, this works perfectly! I've now cleaned up my Notebooks and Notes. Next project will be to migrate notes I've made elsewhere back into Penultimate & Evernote.
  4. Time to ditch my Premium account. It's ridiculous that this type of update would be deemed acceptable and more so that there is no support for remedy...
  5. I resisted the update to Penultimate and then, with a moment of careless thought, updated my iPad. No going back so I need to do some cleanup within Penultimate. I see notebooks from the old Penultimate are now all Notes in the root Penultimate folder. I want create Notebooks in Penultimate and move my old Notes to the appropriate Notebook for better organization. I don't see a Move function. When long press an existing Note I can Delete, Edit the name or launch the IOS Share dialog. How do I move existing Notes to new Notebooks withing Penultimate? To be clear, I know I can move Notes to different Evernote Notebooks using the web app. That's not what I want to do. I want to create Notebooks withing Penultimate. It appears I can create a new Notebook in Penultimate using the icon on the opening page in Penultimate.. Once I do that, how do I move Notes between the Penultimate Notebooks? In addition, once Penultimate syncs back to Evernote, the note page preview is first page of the note while in Penultimate it is the last, most recognizable and for me, most useful and desirable preview. Can I control what page of a note is used as the preview in Evernote?
  6. I could list all the reasons I dislike the new version... It would take forever. Couldn't there be two versions instead of forcing everyone into one? Far easier to just say, the only thing I like is blue. This is a catastrophe for me and I'm done with it.
  7. What a crying shame... the prior version of Penultimate exceeded my expectations. It needed nothing. Now, it's useless. Performance is horrible. The long running 'page' is exactly why I DIDN'T use competitor apps.. I wanted true Notebooks with flip pages, that I could preview for quick navigation. The old view had neat covers on the Notebooks that kept things looking clean and uncluttered. They had names on the cover, like a tactile notebook would. I didn't need to see the page preview. It's a mess now. I had a ton of info in these notebooks I am going to have to recreate elsewhere. Ugh..what a bad move.
  8. Hussein, thank you for taking the time to respond here and for reconnecting with KustomNote. It's a tool that still use often and would love to see progress. My thoughts go out to you during these challenging times.
  9. Thanks.. I do use IFTTT with good results but as far as I can tell the only way to access the responses generated to Google Forms requests is to display it in Google Sheets.. What I need/want is the actual response form. I've pdf'd it and put that in Evernote, but page breaks and such make it less than ideal. Google Scripts... no idea if that is a solution.
  10. I have been using KustomNote to send templated notes Evernote. KustomNote is weak at best. I've been able to template a few of the notes I use often using Google Forms. Works fairly well for my needs but G-Forms will only push the form info into Google Sheets. If I could have the form Responses sent to Evernote, it could solve my needs.. and allow me to replace KusomNote. I know I can pdf the G-Form and manually send that to Evernote, but I am hoping for something more seamless...
  11. Looking for an alternative app to create and use custom note templates. I've been using KustomNote, but the support is anemic at best. I have created a handful of note templates but have found there is no way to delete older unused templates. The Delete icon does nothing. KustomNote support does nothing to help. Something similar to KustomNote, with Evernote integration, would be perfect. IOS integration is strongly preferred..
  12. I am seeing a large number of Notes in the Trash, most of which are Notes I recall merging with other Notes. I did confirm a few of these to elsewhere in my Notes as part of merged Notes.. When one Note is merged to another, does either or both of the Notes end up in the Trash? Don't want to empty the Trash until I better understand what's happening.. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Jeff.. Not sure how complicated it would be to have a format painter like that found in MS Office and others. Or, to create a Note Template.. I've used KustomNote.. maybe my solution can be manufactured there...
  14. I've been making great use of merging of notes.. Seems to have simplified my Evernote workflow substantially. There are a few glitches (notes merge with most recent on the bottom and I want most recent at the top) but not a huge deal. When notes are merged, EN formats what was the Title on the note to a bold, larger print on a colored background so one can spot where one note leaves off and another begins. I could make good use of this auto-formatting, but there isn't an format painter like we would see in MS Office apps and the like. Or, is there? Is there a way to select a block of text and auto format it to this header formatting?
  15. interesting.. My view doesn't have a Sort available.. Nor do I have it set to display columns. Need to dig around a little for that..
  16. Thanks very much.. I'll try it but not sure if an index is what I need.. I recall a post on the Evernote blog about a claims adjuster who coordinated with his wife for the purpose of handling claims. They were able to time stamp each note in the body of the note.. Might have been a manual thing they did. I'll look at the index, but hoping there is another option..
  17. Of late, I have numerous notes that are regarding the same topic and that are either updated or appended as the topic is opened, moved forward and ultimately closed. Sadly, I was hit by SuperStorm Sandy and need to track conversations, emails and clippings for and with the insurance adjusters etc. It seems easier to have everything in one note and scroll it for what I am looking for than to have multiple notes. I have begun merging notes to keep the time lines clear. All the merged notes have the same Tags and reside in the same Notebook. The Created: and Updated: time stamps don't give me a running timeline, just a beginning and end, so I have been including the date in the subject line. I see that the notes are merged in time order with the newest at the bottom and I prefer it be newest at the top, which leads me to a cut & paste procedure to have the resulting note ordered to my liking. I am thinking there must be an easier way. If merging the notes is the best solution, how can I control the order in which the notes are displayed after being attached? Most recent on top and in oldest on the bottom. Is there a way to display a time stamp in either the subject line or in the header that results when the notes are attached? What is the better way?? TIA!!
  18. That's a nice catch, on the Web side of things. And THAT, is exactly one of the reasons why something that "should be easy to implement" (according to a user) annoys me. Those of us who are long time developers already know this. You can test the heck out of something (and I'm talking on a single platform) and beta test it with some of the more adventurous users. But the minute you roll it out to the public, there normally will be problems b/c you (developer), as a human being, can't always anticipate how some users will be doing something and it even flew past beta testing b/c none of your beta testers did it this particular way. Sorry.. I didn't mean any disrespect by posing the question. It was an honest mistake. And, I do appreciate the solution!
  19. Thanks Jeff... If it's created in the WinReg, then I would expect the default note to be different if on a different work station.. I stand corrected on the Win version.. mine does act like yours and opens to the last state. Not so on the web version though.. what determines which note the web version opens? The one it has chosen as default has no rhyme or reason to it....It just a random note from July that is locked to the web version as default.
  20. At startup, Evernote defaults to the same note from months ago regardless of whether I use Evernote Web, the Win Desktop version or Mobile, or if I set the view to sort by Created, Updated or other. It always starts in the same note, which is buried in the middle of all my other notes. I created this note back in June. I've created and modified hundreds since then, yet Evernote is locked on that note. How can change the default for which note is opened at startup?
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