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  1. Bojan011

    Non-http url schemes in notes and links

    Plus one on this topic. Extremely important feature. Requires zero developement.
  2. Bojan011

    ios Evernote for iOS v7.6.3 Released

    Still unrelianle and extremely buggy.
  3. Bojan011

    ios Evernote for iOS v7.6.2 Released

    How about you do some actual use user testing before running a feature love? I am not updating this app until I feel it is safe in the future. This ***** completely broke the app and wasted countless hours of my time.
  4. I've got the same problems on both my Mac and my iPhone especially. This has been one of the worse updates ever, reminding me of the days when Evernote was a piece of junk. Oh wait, it still is... A multi million dollar startup can't have a luxury of treating its users like this. You are not a startup anymore. It's a shame, as me and millions of other evangelists poured tons of energy into promoting your product only to be left to rot for weeks without access to our data. Wondering how many more days you will let this happen? And how long before a good alternative comes along.
  5. Bojan011

    windows Synchronization stopped working

    My business partner and I have consistent syncing problems as well. It requires for us to restart the device in order for sync to work again.
  6. Who was the smart guy to write this in the notes? I've tried everything now. I am not sure why did I even bother
  7. It could be cheaper to be honest, especially for me, that I don't upload that much files.
  8. Bojan011

    Markdown WYSIWYG support plz?

    Adding my voice in pledge of markdown support for Evernote.
  9. Bojan011

    mac (Archived) Evernote for Mac 5.4.3

    My Evernote keeps freezing my Mavericks randomly. When I turn Evernote off, everything gets back to normal. Not sure what to do, as this is forcing me to completely not use Evernote, as these freezes are interrupting my computer work to the point of unusability.
  10. Since I updated to Mavericks today I have mini freezes when Evernote is running, either in front or in background.
  11. While Drafts is awesome for inputing information with Text Expander, it definitively doesn't help me when I need to edit some text that is already in Evernote. Sorry, but Text Expander really is a must have for a tool like Evernote.
  12. That would significantly reduce the number of conflicting errors
  13. Bojan011

    mac (Archived) Evernote for Mac 5.1

    +1, this is outrageous... Why kill functionality? This was my default view.
  14. Bojan011

    blogging Posting to a Blog from Evernote

    Seems that you've gained a lot of traction amongst Evernote geeks my friend Irwin is the man. Friendly developer, I am sure he'll make something good out of this!
  15. Bojan011

    mac (Archived) ^ ⌘ C no longer works on my Mac.

    Most likely some other app you've installed used it as a global keyoard shortcut. You should find the troublesome apps shortcut and change it to something else. Do you remember when is the last time you've used the shortcut successfully ?