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  1. Plus one on this topic. Extremely important feature. Requires zero developement.
  2. While Drafts is awesome for inputing information with Text Expander, it definitively doesn't help me when I need to edit some text that is already in Evernote. Sorry, but Text Expander really is a must have for a tool like Evernote.
  3. I am also interested in this. Text expander is amazingly important part of the iOS app ecosystem, a must have for any application that deals with a lot of text.
  4. I don't believe that Evernote itself should develop mind mapping solution, but there is certainly something that you can do to encourage mind map developers to do something about creating tighter integration of their software into Evernote.
  5. I am bumping this thread since this is second time I am looking for a way to sync notes! Any ideas coming up?
  6. Actually this seems like an important feature for me too. Since iOS Spotlight doesn't search Evernote's notes, I started using Notes for instant access on certain notes that require me to get them instantaneously. That kind of integration is increasing the efficiency of notes app. I wish that we could get the similar something to the Evernote as well.
  7. Writing environment look and feel is essential for writers and creative people. For tha matter I can only say that OmmWriter and Pages are obliteratin Evernote. When I write something, I want no distraction view! Simple yet elegant solution would be to allow full screen view for individual notes. If anyone else thinks that this is good idea, support this thread!
  8. I am premium user and, since I have Evernote notes offline, I would love to have Spotlight search included on my phone. iPhone's native notes are searchable from Spotlight, can we have Evernote notes integrated as well. This would make ubiquity frictionless searching on my phone, instead of going to the app itself. In other words it would simply rock. In the meanwhile I actually started using native notes app for note taking and than I would forward a note via email so I can have it in Evernote on my other devices as well. Let me know if there is any other workaround. My phone is jailbroken, so if there is any tweak I would love to know.
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