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  1. Was a request to mindmap with Evernotes ever raised?
  2. If I am to use Evernote to write content, I'm no longer sure how I can do it without a content block (such as on r/Nimbusnote) Could Evernote include this?
  3. Instead of the wheel ... I never know the date but if I want to bump a task into wednesday of the following week. I have to consult the calendar. Could you make it a calendar like this?
  4. Still no solution although Ev support say its on the list. In the meantime they broke the 'by note' view
  5. I don't get any notes in the 'by note' tab, although I have over 200 tasks. It's as if they're filtered but no filters are on. This is after 2 reinstalls and restarts
  6. Could you please make task due dates sync with google calendar. I use other task tools (Ayoa and Todoist) that sync easily with google calendar. I cannot schedule Evernote tasks (my time) without weighing against the current schedule which is centralised on the calendar, appts, current scheduled events and workload For Evernote tasks to be useful I have to be able to schedule them when appropriate (and Get Them Done) Anyone else agree?
  7. Herewith the screen shot. Tasks are not in the correct date order. Highlighted to support three weeks ago on 02 August 2021 Am I the only one?
  8. Syncing task due dates with [Google] calendar seems essential for tasks to be effective
  9. I have several tasks established with due dates. When sorting by due date, tasks are not in the correct date order top to bottom
  10. Whenever I open Evernote it displays an old search result, which I have to clear before getting back to all notes Evernote 10.15.6 Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Are you having a laugh? Every day there is something else. I see many discussions everywhere about speed and performance. Now when I view a page in Evernote web on chrome desktop the image image flickers Screen video
  12. Try Nimbus. It still has a couple of things to iron out for me such as shortcuts working on an azerty keyboard, but its fast like Evernote legacy and provides more functionality like a content block. The editor is like Guttenberg on WordPress and just feels right. You can work on android easily using it as a real editor. Evernote android is now horrible.
  13. Adding my voice to the complaints about the performance of the new web apps. I fully realised how slow they are on going back to Evernote legacy which works fine. Some particular points: you can select a note and it displays immediately. On the New version you have two wait just for the note to display. You can no longer move more than 50 notes. Simple things like merging, moving and tagging are all slow. there are still differences between desktop and the chrome app (you still can't add a reminder). Each successive version of Evernote up till now has required more processing power. I had to upgrade a tablet previously just to run it. This should not be the case: new versions should be faster not slower and provide improvements and added functionality (or are you happy to follow the Microsoft bloatware model?). The real thing that clinched it for me was also seeing the offering from your what seems to be your closest competitor - Nimbus. The app is faster (it resembles Evernote legacy) but is also a better editor with easy headings, a useful and accessible content overview. The experiment that Evernote seems to be running in this new web technology is failing and losing it customers. I keep seeing vociferous complaints from users. My initial realisation was triggered by somebody on Reddit expressing surprise that I was staying with the app when so many are jumping overboard. Evernote is going to lose out and it's destroying its up till now unassailable position. I think it has gone to sleep, perhaps resting on its laurels of having been the most successful note app for the last 10 years and providing industrial strength synchronisation. Even this seems to be falling apart with notes missing. I received a questionnaire from Evernote about two years ago asking whether we would like Evernote to become a task manager. The only thing I have seen in this vein are reminders, which do not fit the bill for real task management. Other than that the basic functionality has not changed ever. The apps have just become more clunky on all platforms (not sure about Mac).
  14. I would like to be able to make the home screen optional. I find it of no use and I would like to start the app as before on Notes
  15. I would like to be able to sort reminders by date
  16. Grammarly works after a fashion on Evernote web if you switch to the classic editor. But there's a big problem with it – when it suggests corrections, the page doesn't scroll down to the context.
  17. Hello. This is the first ever seemingly operational (as opposed to peripheral) bug I've experienced in Evernote. I'm not getting the same result for a filter Method one, use the new filter window by tag = Todoist (6 results) Two: search bar query: tag:Todoist (54 results) This is a problem !! What's to be done?
  18. I share using the note shared button which when I copy the link and paste into chrome, displays without the embedded image, just the image icon as below
  19. Hello. I have established a note with an image and it, and it works fine in Windows desktop, online app and android. But when I share the note, the images not displayed on the shared note. Grateful for any help or advice
  20. I've restarted the legacy version - because in v10.4.4 permanent spell check you can't move more than 50 notes at a time you can't sort by tags
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