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  1. I do strongly believe that this behavior of auto conversion could be tied to an on/off configuration, that simple.
  2. @umarciYeah, we were given that feature ever since the first builds of v10, it's called a checkbox, the problem we're having here is that together with this split of the original checklist (checkboxes and checklists now), Evernote also decided to give us a 'feature' that automatically converts a checkbox list (checkbox with x in it, text style retained) into a checklist (checkbox with v in it, text styled grey and strikethrough). Because here you go, have 2 ways of formatting checks, but we're pretty sure you just want to use the grocery list style (/sarcasm). EVERNOTE, STOP THIS AUTO CON
  3. Oh, not to mention that the video on that page, THEIR PAGE, shows a list of items that has checkboxes on lines that are one below the other. They are basically showing the 2 different scenarios where one or the other feature is used!! What they fail to show is that after you move from that note and then come back to it or hit enter after one of those lines (be it the last or anywhere in between), that list is converted to a checklist. The app doesn't behave as shown in their own video. ?!?!?!?!? I have a multitude of notes that are exactly what they show in the first part of the
  4. As far as I can tell, no one is saying 'get rid of the checklists feature', we're just asking EN to stop converting checkboxes to checklists. Um, no, that's just nonsense. Check this out: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005597-Create-a-checklist Under checkboxes, directly from their help website: Are you saying that "just about anywhere within a note" = everywhere but not one below the other?! What kind of logic is that? And why this distinction?? There are legitimate cases where you want a list and want checks that do not strikethrough the text, you still w
  5. I just find it stupid that Evernote decided to create 2 separate formatting options that behave differently but enforces the use of one of them. If the plan all along was to have just checklist, why the hell did they create the checkbox feature?! If they have created it and released it into the wild, leave it be, don't force the counterpart, both of them are good but serve 2 different type of scenarios, as so many users try to convey and apparently are being ignored.
  6. THIS EXACTLY THIS!! If I take an extra click to add checkboxes to a list, STOP CONVERTING IT TO CHECKLIST!! This is utterly frustrating, I have a ton of notes that rely on what is now the checkbox feature, but after I adjust them to checkbox, if the list has checkboxes on all lines, when I come back to the note I see it converted to a checklist AAARGH!! My notes are now a jumbled combination of checklists and checkboxes even after formatting them to checkboxes!! I don't deny the usage of checklists and applaud the added distinction between checklists and checkboxes, BUT PLEAAAAS
  7. Oh lord, I am having such an issue with this. In theory the distinction between checkboxes and checklists sounds great, in practice I get a lot of checkbox lists converted into checklists, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I DON'T WANT!!! I have multiple notes comprised of ordered or unordered lists on multiple levels of indentation and some of the lines also have checks - this worked extremely well for me, I could have a text line with a bullet and also a checkbox and when I checked the box, the text would remain visible, not strikethrough and greyed out - that is until version 10 came out, when the
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