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  1. After checking the startup folder and the different shortcuts I use to start the app, I see no clear reason (I did not find any "install shortcut") that may explain this. It seems every time I restart the computer (once every 2 or 3 days), Evernote reinstall.
  2. Hi. Anybody had this problem? Evernote keeps reinstalling itself, each time I restart my desktop. I am using (308626) Public. I did not upgrade to 6.22 yet after seeing posts talking about numerous issues. i do not have much time to troubleshoot things these days. Thanks, have a good day.
  3. You are right, it searches within the notebook, i was confused by the text appearing in the French version which seems to imply that it was searching through all notes. I should have tested a bit more. Thanks!
  4. Hi. Although I use Evernote all the time (32 500+ notes), I am struggling with the lack of consistency between the editions I use (Windows, web-based, Android). How is it possible to search within a notebook in the Android client? It seems there is no way to reduce the scope of the search, while you can easily do that in the web-based and Windows client. Also: is it possible to merge two notes in the web-based client and the Android client?
  5. Don't worry, my English is what it is (not my 1st language). But to be absolutely precise: I mean searching (or filtering) a tag from inside a notebook. With 33K notes, I have to combine techniques.
  6. Well, in Windows, while in a notebook, you have this tag icon on the top of your notes list that act as a filter. This is a very useful behaviour and I would be very happy to see this tool in Android.
  7. I have a simple question: when u open a notebook, can u filter it with a tag, like u do quite easily in Windows? I could not find a way...
  8. It is the most unbearably slow software I have on Windows. By far. I used all the recommanded tricks: re-installing, indexing, etc. It is just a terrible experience. I have to use the firewall trick to make it somehow useful. ( )
  9. My iPhone 6s just died on me. And I am seiously considering the switch to a Samsung S10. How is the performance of Evernote for Android? I have more than 31,000 notes. And the Windows client is seriously flawed, from my point of view. Still, Evernote is an integral part of my workflow.
  10. Can u guide me through this? I'll do anything hat can speed things up. I have close to 30K notes and I am one of the users complaining a lot about the slowness of Evernote.
  11. There is a thread on the subject. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/102926-windows-client-slow/?page=2 and another one...
  12. Please... make this software run instead of crawling... This is all I ask from now on. The features are already there.
  13. So... if you replace the Trash tag by Archive, at least mentally, you get the Archive solution a lot of people are hoping for? Seems too good to be true.
  14. This is exactly why it is interesting, from my point-of-view. And they can be restored to be fully featured again. Do they lose their tags and other meta-data?
  15. Did not think about it! Yes, it seems to share a lot with the EN trash.
  16. With the recent updates (6.16.4), slower than ever. Many minutes can pass by while I wait. I had taken off the firewalls workaround after a Windows new installation but I'll go back to it.
  17. I am having problems with a site on which I rely heavily for certains researches. The strange thing is: I can clip images from this site and they appear as "images", : the right-click options reflect that. I can annotate them, like jpg images. But if I try to "save the image as...", they are saved to my disk in the aspx format. This is a tough format to hanndle. I have no software working with it, except for Evernote. Any trick to export them as another image format ? I do not want to print them as PDF, I really want to preserve the full resolution of the image.
  18. Yes me neither. But since the master is in the cloud, it makes me nervous.
  19. Same results. 23 notes. A bit scary isn't it? Time to make a full back-up from my windows client, just in case. *enex format is the best?
  20. Good idea... nope... same account. web client is ok. windows client is ok. i'll disconnect my ios client and reconnect it and we'll see.
  21. OK this is weird. Wanted to find a note. Grabbed my iPhone, opened Evernote. Wow, what's wrong. I have 23 notes in my account. 23 little notes, my last 23. Close it, reopen, sync it. 23 notes. Something's wrong, rush to my Windows desktop... My 28,160 notes are there. I un-check all the sync options immediately.. Now what?
  22. Woh... is it just me, or the new version ( (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) is suddenly way quicker!
  23. I made a thread about it a couple of years ago. Strange bug, not happened to me a lot, but did happen quite recently.
  24. Hi. Very simple question. For backup purposes. I now how I can filter notes created since a certain time, let' say for the last week (created:day-7). I also know how I can filter notes modified in the last week (updated:day-7). But how can I filter notes that are true to one condition OR the other? In other words, how can I filter notes created OR modified in the last week? If I put created:day-7 updated:day-7, Evernote will display notes true to both conditions.
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