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  1. I agree! Thank you so much for the note taking/drawing functionality. Saves me so much hassle, no need to switch between apps all the time!
  2. With iOS 9, you can ask Siri to "remind me of this on October 1/when I get home/when I get to my car/..." when having the note in question open in Evernote. "this" then refers to the current note. The result is a reminder in apple's reminders application which has the Evernote icon and links to the note in question. You can then go and customize the sounds etc of the Apple reminders application. Not very elegant, but works and makes location reminders possible for evernote notes (yay!).
  3. Agree, especially since it's possible (and apparently beautifully integrated) on Android. I am using Evernote to take notes in meeting sessions and was hoping to be able to go completely paperless by also capturing the ad-hoc diagrams that I end up drawing on scraps of paper. Currently, I am better off taking a photo of the scrap of paper at the end of the session. I can't even consolidate text notes with my Penultimate drawings after the meeting.
  4. +1 That would be really handy. I'm currently creating an index document of notes dealing around a particular case number, and while Evernote offers to create an index note with links, it won't update that note as new related documents get added. A search link for the case number would solve this extremely elegantly.
  5. I, too, currently have trouble with the Chrome Web Clipper. In addition to a few usability and translation problems (e.g. Enter doesn't complete a partially matched tag), I frequently get the show-stopping "Cannot save clip" error. I'm pretty sure they are already working a fix to the problems. I would also find it better if Evernote were more conservative when making big changes ensure sufficient quality with every release. They had a bad quality phase on iOS as well, but this has improved greatly. So I'm confident that the worst clipper problems will be fixed shortly. Off-topic: Please understand that this is a user-to-user forum and the regulars here are very committed on trying to help other users with questions and problems, voluntarily investing their spare time to do so. They want to help solve problems. As such, the primary addressees of your posts are always other users. You will see that posts which immediately combine a problem statement with a threat invoke doubts whether the poster indeed wants help form their peers, which can be frustrating to users who are here to help. While the forums are a good place to e.g. discuss suggestions for improvements, commentary which is directly meant for Evernote is best addressed to Evernote via the support system. We can use this thread to collect feedback for Evernote on what to fix. I'll start: - "Cannot save clip" error, examples here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42146-evernote-cannot-save-clip-error/ - Enter key should autocomplete partial tag matches - The English verb "File" means "einordnen" or "archivieren" in German (not "Datei", which is a noun) - The second option is not completely readable in German and there's no tooltip: "Artikel ohne Fo..." - Clicking into the note title field should select the complete original title (easier to overwrite) - No option to use the default notebook as the default (there are no options besides "last notebook" and "smart filing") - It would be nice if you could edit the note title directly from the clipper column (without clicking on the notebook or tag item first -- which, by the way, is not an intuitive way to change the note title)
  6. There are iPhone apps/services which connect the iPhone's default note taking app with your Evernote account. That way, you can use Siri's note related commands to create Evernote notes. There's also (limited!) Siri search capability ("Show notes about X"). One of those apps is iNote Sync. I tested it about 18 months ago, and it worked well at the time. Notes end up in an extra (special) Evernote notebook called "iNote". Not a show-stopper for me. However, I was underwhelmed with Siri's capabilities and reliability, and stopped using Siri for this. Once in a while, I still take quick, temporary notes in the iPhone note taking app (without using Siri), and, if the information ends up being not quite so temporary, it's available in Evernote.
  7. Well, I guess it's a pretty darn great compliment to Evernote if customers want to use Evernote so badly for everything that they get angry when they find that they can't.
  8. Well, there have already been discussions about a consistent way across all clients (Mac, Web, clippers, ...) to accept the (first) tag suggestion, and I got told (by EN staff if I remember correctly) that the only cross-client way to do this was the return key. When using the clipper, I find myself creating unwanted (partial) tags because neither arrow-down nor return works consistently across clients. UI consistency is very important, particularly for users who use the tools a lot and need a quick streamlined workflow. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mode_(computer_interface)#Mode_errors @jbignert: Thanks for working on this problem.
  9. I also only use iPhone notes for occasional small things that are (probably) temporary. But I'm still syncing my iOS notes with Evernote because I'm a pack rat. Everything has to go into Evernote. Everything! NOTE ALL THE THINGS!!! Edit: Also, sometimes, temporary things become permanent and I'm glad I have them available everywhere.
  10. +1 for asking support or swapping accounts. P.S.: That post made me guffaw, particularly the P.S. I hope this doesn't make me a bad person in one way or the other...
  11. I'm also using PDF for letters/bills (using a ScanSnap with OCR). Works perfectly and the OCR makes it possible to search Evernote for details inside the bill and turn up the corresponding documents. This should also work for OCR on image files, but in my experience it just works better with "proper" PDF OCR. P.S.: You might still hit your 60MB limit quickly, because scanned PDFs also contain the images. If you're committed to going paperless, I recommend upgrading to premium. If you don't want to stick to premium, you can still buy premium for a month or two, until you have dealt with the backlog of files you want to get into Evernote, then downgrade to free (you won't lose any information that's already in Evernote when downgrading to free).
  12. For what it's worth, you can use Microsoft Word to diff two versions (including formatting). Paste the two versions into two different documents, save them and use the Tools>Merge Documents function. @John: 1. Do you wish there was a better way to resolve conflicts in an Evernote note? (yes/no) yes 2. Do you wish there was a better way to share changes you make to your Evernote notes with those you are sharing them with? (yes/no) not really. 3. What do you think such a solution is worth paying for - if offered as a subscription based service: 15 - 20 p/month10 - 15 p/month5 - 10 p/monthNothingJohn, not to sound snarky, but I hope the "p" stands for "pence"... The complete Evernote premium costs 5USD/month, less if you subscribe for the whole year. For a good and easy way to resolve conflicts, I would pay an additional 50c/month. 4. What Evernote intergrations are you using already - mark all that apply: QuickOffice 5. Why do you use the product indicated in question (4) above: Edit MS Office documents on iOS.
  13. If you usually have your notes sorted by Creation Date, you can use the Win/Mac client to give that note a creation date which lies far in the future, like 2020. That way, that note is always topmost in the "All Notes" view. That's 2 taps to open the note (3 if you start out from within another note).
  14. Well, I slightly disagree with this. One of the ways that I personally like to use EN is to browse through my notebooks. For example, if I wonder "where do I have that article about Evernote in which they discuss the different search methods", I can go to my "Software" notebook and bring up the EN tag. I then have about 50 notes that I can browse comfortably. I do the same for my travel notebook etc. However, if you are generating thousands of notes then you lose the capability of doing that. When that happens, the only way you can find what you are looking for is by very directed searches and occasionally sifting through many search results. Another example: I've saved all of my children's artwork and writings on two evernote pages. Each page has about 50 pdf's and each pdf has 10-30 stories or artwork which has been batch scanned. I could have generated 1000 individual EN notes on this material which would have made it easier to look up one particular artwork or story that they wrote, but it was more important for me to keep the notebooks lean. Good point! I did BTW in my earlier post confuse the cases of having one 12-document pdf vs. having 12 separate documents as pdf in one note.
  15. Of Evernote's provided metadata fields, I actively use - Title (not really metadata) - Tags - Creation date (I use this a lot, e.g. for the date of letters I receive or send -- I don't always scan incoming mail the same day it arrives) - URL (in clippings, obviously, but sometimes also explicitly) I rely on Evernote to automatically fill these, because I refer to them, but don't set them explicitly: - Changed date - Location (on mobile) I've never used the following: - Author (I use tags for this) Oh, and in the body, I often add some search keywords, e.g. splitting up "Einkommensteuererklärung" (tax return statement) into "Steuer" "Einkommensteuer" and "Steuererklärung", and adding stuff I might search for, like "fiscal", to the mix. Often, when I'm capturing a note on mobile, I do this right at the end of the note title, leaving the body empty.
  16. I handle this pragmatically, pretty much like gazumped described: I bulk-scanned the old bills from last year (which I needed digitally for tax season anyway) and aggregated them in one note. The new ones I just scan one by one as they come in (separate notes). When tax season comes, I may refer to the notes separately or restructure (aggregate) them, whichever is most handy. The nice thing is that you're pretty flexible in aggregating stuff dynamically because you can use tags and searches on the fly for getting a list of all relevant notes. When dealing with lots of related notes, I LOVE the possibility to open a second Evernote window, thus having separate lists (one for a history of earlier fiscal correspondence, and one for bills, for example). As for the question of what's better for search (1 pdf per note vs. 12 pdfs per note), I don't think it's worth the breath of discussing it in length. What's important is THAT you can find the relevant note easily. Whether you need a second in-pdf search to locate the exact page/pdf is, IMO, secondary. After all, you might only search for 10% of the notes you put in Evernote (but you don't know which they will be), so any optimization here is premature. When you find that you refer to a particular piece of information more often, you can still restructure that or adapt your scanning workflow for the future.
  17. It's fun to track things which have a possible cause-effect relationship and then chart them together, like hours a week worked out vs. weight. Or runs done per week vs. pacing. I'd track them in a spreadsheet (not as a note per se, maybe as attachment). It's motivating to see a real correlation between what you're doing and what you're achieving. If you're the long-term person, you can track sports activities vs. medical bills over time.
  18. I agree with pix0r, I would love to see a workaround where I could quickly scan documents one after the other and OCR would work through the queued PDFs in the background. From a different thread: If only this was possible. Alas, at least on my machine (also Mac with ScanSnap), there's no such app where I could drag the PDF(s) onto (or to which I could feed the PDFs via an applescript folder action). Anyone any ideas?
  19. BNF is right, Evernote's pin code is only available on premium. I just tried out whether there is an option available to not save the password when signing in -- unfortunately there isn't.
  20. Thanks for the blog post. I tend not to tag tax relevant receipts and documents with "tax" on the time of creatiog. But most relevant stuff still goes into Evernote. When preparing for tax I open a new note in a new window and go through a few searches in the main window (receipts, bills, etc.), collecting links to all the relevant material in the new note, annotating them where necessary ("Trip to Beijing:" etc.). In this note, I also store the accompanying letter, forms and any extra worksheets I need to fill in. Essentially, everything which will be sent out is being collected in one place. When I'm done, I just print (better: zip) everything in this note and send it away. This also makes sure that later, in this note, I'll always have a complete record of what I sent out for this tax statement.
  21. Thanks for your responses about @calls. For me, there's no special mindset required for calls. I do however use certain contact/agenda contexts for a few key people. And for tasks where I need silence and ease of mind, I have specific context. So it seems I've got the @calls area well covered, maybe even without being aware of it.
  22. Here's a post I made someplace else back in September:
  23. Just a curious question: for some 4 or 5 years I've been coming across @call as a standard example for a GTD context. And in the beginning I even (tried to) apply it. But as to now I have never, even once, actually been able to make use of the @call context. Telephones have been ubiquitous for thirty/fourty years and you can (try to) call anyone at any time. It's not like you have to wait for a "transatlantic line reservation" or your office's "telephone room" to be available. Of course you're supposed to adapt the whole thing to your own needs and circumstances, and I've done so and consequently dropped the @call context. But specifically the @call context strikes me as something atavistic. Like some sort of self-propagating urban myth that lives on by being used as an example of something.
  24. Every evening, I look all my current actions and give the 1 or 2 that I absolutely need/want to do the following day the additional tag "@MIT" (most important task). Also, I have a tag "waiting for" which I revisit every week or so.
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