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  1. Hi Brent, I continue my development unfortunately with snail pace. However, I hope to release a test candidate soon (in a few weeks). I will inform you here, when the test candidate is ready. Andre
  2. Still waiting on YourDay app.  I'm a DayOne user looking to move to evernote and this would be great. Would love to be a tester also.  Pllease let me know the current status.

  3. Don't worry. Development on my app is continuing but I needed to pause it last year on personal reasons. I use my development build personally on a daily base and I'm very satisfied with it now. I hope to release a test version in June 2017 and I will post it here for participating. Thank you,Andre.
  4. I'm sorry for you. Really, Fast internet is even in Germany a rather rare option.
  5. Thank you very much. I work on the app as a side project and I currently working to create a beta version. As soon, as the beta is available, I will publish all needed information here. Thank you and Happy Easter
  6. New photo of the Today Widget. I like the Tumblr widget with an animated view of your last journal entries.
  7. Hi MichaelAH, Your described scenario should be very possible, but I haven't tested it so far. The idea of the app is,that you can make very easy a journal entry, like a tweet in Twitter or a messenger app. You enter or dictate your text and send it to your journal. Boom. The entry consists of text, time, the location and a picture. the YourDay App searches the note with the date in the notebook for the year. The entry will be appended or inserted at the right time in the day. Furthermore all journal notes will be synchronized with your app so you can browse your journal even if you are offline. You can even edit your journal in the aftermath. In Evernote your journal is build as a notebook stack for YourDay and a notebook for every year. You can use all Evernote functions and you can edit and extend your journal as well. Changes will be synchronized and even conflicts will be merged. I am writing this on my phone so there may be a lot of errors in the text. Greetings André.
  8. Hi, to be honest, there is no test version yet. I wanted to check out people with interest for testing. I hope, I could make a test version in April. I would be very proud, if I you would participate in testing at this time. Thank you, P.S: As a german person I first struggled a bit with your avatar name. Last year I played the game "Hearts of Iron III" and this vehicle was somewhat important there.
  9. Picture of the journal statistics on your Apple Watch.
  10. For me, Evernote is almost ideal. I wrote the app mainly with the purpose, to create a beautiful journal page per day and to lower the barrier to enter journals as low as possible.
  11. Oh oh, I will go were the customers are but started with iOS. Thank you for your comment??.
  12. I am using Habitica every day and I love it. I am even considering to expand the iOS app for my watch so I can see may progress with a look. The main feature for me are the habits and the daily tasks. Its a wonderful tool.
  13. Hi, I am currently developing an Journaling app with full Evernote Integration. This app took a lot of inspiration from vJournal and DayOne. Think of DayOne (or sort of) just build for Evernote. The App will be hopefully launching in May/June 2016. It would be very nice, if someone here could test the app or give me a real feedback. Even negative feedback is very appreciated. Features: 100% native iOS Application for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad Pro Very easy way to capturing from notes, pictures. Similar to social media tools like Twitter. Very much inspirited from vJournal. All journal Entries are combined to a day. No cluttered notes. The entries in a day are always sorted by time so you can later add note entries for past days Beautiful animated calendar Very easy access to all your recent photos. Used photos are check marked for convenience. Full native Apple Watch Integration. I love taking notes for journal on the go. Full offline support. Support for Google Places Fully editable Journal Pages Crop your photos before you attach them Links: WebSite Instagram Twitter:
  14. oh oh. several month without an answer. not so good. I experienced a similar problem. But the main error is "Could not build Objective-C module evernote_cloud_sdk_ios". ok, cloud sdk isn't ready for swift. we have to change and correct the sdk on ourselves again :-(
  15. mac

    Hi. I have the same problem. From time to time the note shows up after a long delay. Restarting EN 6.0 has no effect.