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  1. Has this been fixed? I don't see any way to stop seeing people's names, proper nouns, cities all displayed as if mis spelled in my notes. There is no menu item under Preferences to turn it off. This is the most incredible disregard for Usability that I can imagine, my notes have red lines all through them and I can't turn them off. How can any Software company think this is OK? Am going to keep using Legacy until the F that up too. I probably should not be giving this company an more of my time and money.
  2. Why don't they fix this. WHAT THE HELL? How can they be ok with every proper noun, artist, poet - any word be displayed in your notes with a red underline as if mis spelled and you have to view it this way. It is the most insane disregard for users that I can imagine. Am still on legacy but feel like I should ditch Evernote because if they are willing to F with users with this why get invested in it any further.
  3. This pisses me off to no end. I will try and figure out how I can run LEGACY it's ridiculous to have every proper noun be displayed with red underlines as if it's mis spelled
  4. I found a place in Mac System Preferences called Languages & Region that has a Text window and then Keyboard Preferences, in the text tab you can de select "Correct spelling automatically" ... and that does not fix it either. I have found now way to turn this off. Even fixing words in Apple mail does not correct them in my notes. It's so maddening. No one has said anything about even fixing it.
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