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  1. Agreed. Please fix the bugs in the iOS version first. The iOS app is very slow and close to unusable. You need at least iphone 12 pro in order to use it without lagging.
  2. Evernote won't care for us anyway. Some of the features have been requested for like more than 5 years without any response. Even the sh*t show and this "Newly Updated Version 10 on Mac and iOS" app is close to unusable and they don't even admit it. Sigh, I'm moving out.
  3. Evernote is now worst than ever. Back in 2016, I was very happy to use Evernote. Now it is ***** show. I'm finding alternative one and gonna cancel my 5 years premium subscription soon.
  4. Hello Evernote staff, I would like to know how to disable spell check because in my note I have large amount of techinical terms and evernote seems to not knowing them. In the previous version, I can do it by choosing edit → spelling → disable spell check. Thank you so much
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