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  1. Thanks for the additional info, I'll check out the newest web version. I understand your point with the potential investment Evernote would need to make in resources to get the fix implemented, but the trade-off is more of this kind of thing happening and disenfranchising their long-time customers. I appreciate your time in following up with me on all this, Bryan
  2. Thanks for your reply, I completely understand how they may be taking the position of waiting for the new release that I'm sure they're pouring a ton of resources into. I would hope there would still be room to address issues like this without having to wait, being that I can't see a way they couldn't also still develop (so to speak) for the existing platform. I'm too embedded to switch and really don't want to tackle the headache of a new system and porting everything over, so I do hope there's a solution on the horizon with their new version. Can you explain a bit more what you mean by "The most recent Web client is a precursor to behaviors being introduced across their account" do you mean it worked correctly before Evernote suspended development on the current editor and then operating systems or clients were updated and it broke the fix Evernote had in place already? Thanks again, Bryan
  3. I was thankful to find this discussion, as I’ve had an issue with this for years now. I’m deeply imbedded in the Evernote ecosystem, unfortunately, as it was marketed to me as a place to keep reference information. This persistent issue is so annoying though, that after 10 years of an Evernote paid subscription, I’ve about had it. Especially seeing how long this issue has persisted without a fix. Here’s my experience: When I reference a note, or even create a reference note and then switch apps to read/copy/paste/type information, (a very typical user behavior in my opinion) I get the annoying skip/jump back to the top of the note after having to first wait for a refresh of said note. This totally destroys the usability of Evernote and ruins the experience. I’ll give another use case that others have mentioned, but from my perspective; cooking. When I pull up a recipe, (a well known and documented use of Evernote by the company themselves) I do so with a search. Firstly, if you click on the auto complete result which Evernote is smartly and intuitively suggesting, you’re taken to said result. If you click on that suggested result before hitting return, it’s only a temporary result. Meaning I say “oh cool, there’s the recipe I need!” Then if my phone locks or I switch apps for any reason, say even getting a phone call, the note is kicked out and I have to search again. However, if I just hit return on the few letters I’d started to type of a search, clicking on any of those results will provide a list of results that when clicking, remain open after an app switch. Now though, the note does the craziness of refreshing and jumping to a different place (most often all the way at the beginning) in the document before I can view it again. Losing my place in the recipe I was reading is very annoying, as is waiting in the refresh to read it again. Yes it’s quick, but when your making a meal, it’s often just that quick look to see if it was a 1/2 cup of flour or a 1/4 cup. I hope this adds further input into the issue and Evernote is actually reading this. I’m on an iPhone Xs running iOS 13.3.1 and my Evernote is up to date as of this comment on 3/24/20. p.s. I just had to leave this screen to double check the date and then come back to type it in and this Safari browser window didn’t have to refresh, or jump to the top of the document, forcing me to wait and then scroll down to where I was at typing this comment. If it would have been the Evernote App, it would have done that to me.
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