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  1. I’m the OP on this thread and I was able to delete my corrupted note after a few days. The issue with the notebook was that was my default notebook (which is why I couldn’t delete it)
  2. Thanks. This morning I was able to delete the corrupted Note. Still can't delete the corrupted Notebook though
  3. It looks like the Notebook as well as the Note are corrupted. Any help from Evernote?
  4. Thanks for trying to help. I followed the steps but can't delete the Notebook with the remaining "blank note". The "Delete Notebook" command is greyed out!
  5. I have a note with no content that I can't delete on any of the platforms I use (Web, Mac, iOS). I delete the note and 2 seconds later it "reappears". I beleive the note was originally a snapshot from my phone but the note has no content. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. I currently Use notebook stacks and share individual notebooks with my executive assistant (EA) as needed. If I create a Space for me and my EA and move all the notebooks I want to share into that Space do the notebooks have to come o it of my current stacks? So the question can a notebook live in a stack and in a space? Thanks.
  7. I think its an individual setting within the pdf (which i can't figure out). Every pdf I have (other than 2) displays in single page. Thanks for trying to help
  8. here is a standard size (not A4). This also displays in single page... https://www.evernote.com/l/ADZpEc5IM7ZIuJLz_EWJrRen9bp38k8dvxQ
  9. here is a pdf that shows only 1 slide (not 2 side by side) in landscape mode on my ipad... https://www.evernote.com/l/ADZXWrjTRrlCsaqxjVEsMa-Ak80Q9R3FxTQ
  10. That's exactly what I'm seeing but only for a couple of pdf's. I have hundreds of pdf's in evernote and all of them display 1 page only
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