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  1. I think its an individual setting within the pdf (which i can't figure out). Every pdf I have (other than 2) displays in single page. Thanks for trying to help
  2. here is a standard size (not A4). This also displays in single page... https://www.evernote.com/l/ADZpEc5IM7ZIuJLz_EWJrRen9bp38k8dvxQ
  3. here is a pdf that shows only 1 slide (not 2 side by side) in landscape mode on my ipad... https://www.evernote.com/l/ADZXWrjTRrlCsaqxjVEsMa-Ak80Q9R3FxTQ
  4. That's exactly what I'm seeing but only for a couple of pdf's. I have hundreds of pdf's in evernote and all of them display 1 page only
  5. Other pdf's display in single page views. Only some go to 2 pages. I'm trying to figure out what setting in the file is causing that.
  6. Viewing it within Evernote on iPad.
  7. I can't post the document... confidential.
  8. Some pdf's display in single page and some in double page. I'm trying to figure out why diferent files behave differently. I assume it is a setting in the file and not an EN issue.
  9. I have some pdf's that will not display a single page when I rotate my ipad pro into landscape mode. It displays 2 pages side by side. Not an issue on my iphone 7 plus which will display a single full sized page.
  10. Any update to this. I have pdf's that I can open on my desktop app and iphone but not on my ipad. Is it possible the pdf has been corrupted on my ipad? Is there a way to rest?
  11. I am having the same issue on ipad pro and iphone 6s plus. App crashes instantly when I try to open it. Running latest versions of ios 10 and Evernote app.
  12. when will this update be available in the app store?
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