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  1. Good point. Ideally this really should be a toggle option next to Print Headers in the print dialog
  2. Amazing. I double checked and it definitely printed the note title without headers. However, I was mistaken and not using the latest version. But rather I was on 6.8 (OSX). I updated to 6.9 and now it behaves as you described. Thanks very much!
  3. On the latest Evernote deselecting "Print Headers" still prints the note's title. A clumsy workaround might be to remove the note title, then print, then put it back.
  4. +1 Find and Replace in notes would be handy. Needed it a few times
  5. I don't think anyone from EN cares btw. I've observed over time these forums are for helping each other, and not improving the product. You might all it a shame, but it is what it is.
  6. Personally the experience feels *extremely* aggravating, and I dislike being forced to use a tiny interface font, or fiddle with DPI settings at the system level for ultra hi res displays. Please fix. We beg you.
  7. As it happens, not one of the evangelists claims that Evernote "can do no wrong", but since we have no real power to change anything and don't really know much more about Evernote's internal goals than any other user, we find it's usually more realistic to deal with the way that Evernote exists currently and offer workarounds. If that comes off as defending the company overmuch to you, so be it. *shrug* Of course, if you want to help out the community, you're welcome to teach by example; I can tell you that the condition of evangelitis is pretty much self-inflicted. Fair enough. I'm surprised given your time investment, that the company would not give your more power/responsibility. That said, it's really cool that you helping out. Not that I understand why someone would do that, that but it is nice
  8. Rather surprising that Evernote cannot handle conflicts. I did nothing special other than edit a note on my iPhone and Mac, now I'm sitting with a problem and no easy way to resolve and instead of saving me time, I'm researching "diff tools". Conflict resolution really should be built in and I don't even think user based diff are the best way to go about it. See operational transformation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operational_transformation As for attitudes, it's great that there are evangelists here and all, a company needs those, but also they need to be flexible and not take a "x can do no wrong" approach eg or defend the status quo, or defending the company at the expense of the user experience.
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