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  1. Good point. Ideally this really should be a toggle option next to Print Headers in the print dialog
  2. Thanks, learned something new! So it seems Adobe Reader has an option to do a "poster print" which for some use cases can be an acceptable way of printing a single page PDF over multiple pages.
  3. Amazing. I double checked and it definitely printed the note title without headers. However, I was mistaken and not using the latest version. But rather I was on 6.8 (OSX). I updated to 6.9 and now it behaves as you described. Thanks very much!
  4. Thanks for confirming DTLow. I tried playing with the scale settings as you suggested but without luck.
  5. On the latest Evernote deselecting "Print Headers" still prints the note's title. A clumsy workaround might be to remove the note title, then print, then put it back.
  6. As the title suggest I have a fairly long note that I want to print as a PDF. The reason for this is there doesn't seem to be a way to print a note without using a title? Anyway if I use the convert to PDF feature, it always make one large PDF consisting of one page only. This happens irrespective of how long the original note is. Any way to get a note to convert to PDF with multiple pages?
  7. Yeah it's kind of a minor feature, and yet one of those things that you only sort of notice when it's not there anymore. For example yesterday I was trying to copy a tracking number out of a scanned label. Slightly annoying to have to manually type it out. That's probably a good thing anyway, or at least as a default for average users. Not that it will ever happen, but as somewhat of a power user, I wouldn't mind having a text OCR layer added via EN cloud if it was an optional toggle.
  8. My pleasure. Sounds good Well, I think that's partly right. It's no longer *purely* image based. My understanding is it becomes a hybrid using multiple layers. Some layers are text and bounding boxes, whereas the original image layer remains on top or below. (This is configurable in advanced options in ABBYY)
  9. FWIW I selected some text on a recently document. You can see the result here in color. Wonderful
  10. So for the benefit of anyone reading this thread, I have some feedback. After downloading a trial version of ABBYY Pro Finereader, I was able to get my old results back. AFR does an incredible job of OCR while making the text regions selectable. In, fact it even allows one to export a scanned PDF back to Word document (it recognizes elements such as tables and fonts etc) I now believe this could be a the reason why some my scanned-&-ocr'd documents have selectable text and some do not. The ones that do have selectable text where originally fed through the Fujitsu ScanSnap so
  11. Perhaps I explained it poorly. Actual text PDF's are always selectable and searchable. I am referring to specifically scanned PDF's that are images that have additional OCR on them. It's possible to select parts of the image as text for some of these. (See my original image) Interesting. If I may ask, do you have a good OCR scanner in mind for Mac? I really miss ScanSnap as it comes with ABBY software (which is really good imo)
  12. This is possible. I'm on the hunt now for good Scanning software, as Epson Scan doesn't seem to work. Interestingly OSX Native scan works, but its a little primitive. For example it doesn't support color text mode. Waited about 8 hours, still nothing. PDF's are all within limits and spec as per the support page you referenced. May have to open a ticket. Thanks for the help
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