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  1. I am using the iOS app and also have the spinning circle when I click on "By note", "By due date". I've restarted computer and app a few times and it keeps spinning into infinity. Browser version works. Also, I logged out and back into Evernote app .. still circling.) I am guessing Evernote is not catching up fixing hick-ups on the task release. Nobody else seems to have this issue though. Any ideas?
  2. requesting again what has been outlined above: Project management includes both, tasks that you complete and don't need to look at again and project steps, which are important to remain visible and to see what was done already. It's extremely important to be able to do both. So, please treat checklist and checkbox check as two different icons, which they are, without auto-changing them, and with having two separate short-cut keys. Thank you so much. (I am using mac, but the issue is the same)
  3. Hi, I am enjoying a lot of the new version and have some requests/suggestions: 1) SHORT-CUT - REMINDER EDIT: please add a short-cut for the 'reminder' to pop up the reminder bar without needing a mouse click. Additionally, please create a short-cut for "set reminder to tomorrow" - if that is one click through that I would be doing too much better setting 'tomorrow reminders throughout the day as I add notes, and then I could pretty easily organize them at the end of the day to plan work for tomorrow or future. Currently there is a lot of clicking involved, so then I skip planning because it takes too long in the moment and in this scattered world - and being a working mom - so I don't get back to it reliably, which is a massive project management issue, using GTD like methods generally. These two short-cut would massively support timely note project management. 2) contract the reminder edit menu: it's currently two clicks for editing a current reminder after clicking on the reminder icon. Please contract it into one click, just like for setting a new reminder. Ideally the short options of tomorrow, etc. also are available on this edit window - not sure why they are currently different. 3) add "today" as reminder choice option. most times I set a reminder for today, not tomorrow, - to make sure I either do things or plan them for a future date, so there I miss a menu option for both edit and new reminders for "today". without this feature I may just have to organize my work a day ahead, which would be better project management. still this would be helpful to have as alternative to "tomorrow". 4) Be able to edit the reminder for multiple notes all at once. just like moving multiple notes into one notebook, I'd like to be able to set multiple notes to one reminder date. Management multiple projects with dozens of tasks and notes that I organize following GTD/Cal Newport methods into do dates for all tasks and import work, it's vital to set and edit reminders quickly so that the speed that this takes does not stop me from being organized. Thanks, Kirsten
  4. That's a great thought. I just figured out how to make my searches more narrow by reminder date, so I can view last week, today, next week, which helps with just having a few reminders at a time to look at. I use a manual notebook to sort my thoughts, so I've started listing the tasks there by priority, - I like the idea of just adding numbers in the note title in addition. Since I go back and forth between electronic and my open notebook, that would probably be helping me focus the best on what is most important to get done next. Thanks for sharing that thought.
  5. Hi folks, I just upgraded to 10.8 on my MacBook and still can not sort by Reminder date. It only works when I see all notes at once or one notebook all at once. When I click on a stack or look at a search, I can not click on the Reminders View so then I can not sort that way. Since I use reminders to pulse all my work, this makes it hard to work since I work through my Reminders by date and time and then always have to take a second look as to which one comes next. It's easiest for that purpose to look at all reminders at once under the reminder-sorted Reminder View, but then I can't limit it to just today's reminders or reminders of a certain Stack (which are my different major projects). Anybody know if this will be addressed? I find a lot of notes on how this was addressed and has been fixed, but that is not what I experience. Did is get lost on the major upgrade end of last year again? Thanks, Sonja
  6. I'd be curious to know how to do that. I have some basic understanding of programming and would be interested to give this a try. Does it require legacy. Being able to export tasks to a spreadsheet would be very helpful for some projects, even if it's just one-directional, it would help me organize things a lot. Thanks
  7. Hi @DTLow, thanks for the reply. Export to ENEX for notebooks is available now. I am looking for hints the export to html or other non-enex is coming back. Glad to hear you are optimistic there. As it looks I need to back up my past notes/notebooks using the old Evernote version, which I still have on a different computer. Depending on the answer i will either severely limit my use of Evernote moving forward to just note and task taking, or I will start using Notion which can do the same on this basic level of task and note organization. On that level, notion is actually way more attractive since it has excellent timeline and calendar view options for just basic organization. Still hoping you are right and Evernote brings non-enex export back, since managing my work with notes and tasks is the most important function I want and no other system designed and payable for single users can do that, Evernote trumps it, but not without proper non-enex archive option. For now I am busy on a big project, so will finish that out first with my current system. In fall I'll reevaluate to either stick with Evernote or not, depending on the software status then. So far, Evernote has pleasantly surprised me overall with nearly all moves they've made, so crossing my fingers.
  8. timeline/calendar view: Notion now offers a timeline view for tasks based on date. Any chance the Evernote will provide a view of note names by Reminder date as a timeline view? Just like a calendar view, this would add so much functionality to Evernote, especially if one could select a notebook or set of notes and then right-click to get to a timeline/calendar view. I don't think it's important to be able to edit on the timeline/calendar view as that would probably add a lot of programming challenges, but to stream to a timeline/calendar view in one direction that people could look at would be amazing.
  9. Hi folks, curious if anybody knows what Evernote plans to do in regards to this set of questions. Will Evernote provide an export option other then enex for a notebook or set of notes in a future version? Either the export option to html plus linked note files worked fine, an improvement would be export to pdf's (like the print option does) plus linked included files (like in the old version). I need to know the answer to make a decision to either stick to Evernote or likely leave it. I use Evernote as a full fledged note and task management system. I use it to organize and annotate all my meeting notes, emails, files, etc. Without this feature of non-enex export, Evernote is just a task management system with note-taking ability, but not with the ability that made Evernote so popular, which is to do way more than with notes. Note management to me has to include the ability to archive in a file format easily read in the future and not limited to just one software like html or pdf. Hopefully somebody knows the answer. I would really like to stick to Evernote and have enjoyed most of the upgrades. Thanks, skirsten
  10. I have the exact same issue. My new MacBook Pro shows older notes all as "view only" whereas my older MacBook Air allows me to manage them just fine. I rely on Evernote as my main task intake system, so I use it every day. Please provide suggestions..
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