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  1. PinkElephant, I am careful to only have EN open on only one device at a time. The duplicate note problem occurs regardless.
  2. I share your pain. I provided them with multiple log files, and on July 1st they responded and said "We're currently aware of this issue and working on a fix that will be in an upcoming release." Let's hope the fix is sooner, rather than later. As is, EN is best as a single device app. Today I received an email saying that version 10.17 (windows) has made improvements to address the issue. Unfortunately, I'm still encountering the problem.
  3. I've been having the same problem for several months. Most recently, I've made sure that my iOS app and Windows 10 app were never open at the same time. When using the iOS app, I always forced a manual sync and, when using the Windows 10 app, always waited before quitting the app. For the past week, all of my updates were in the iOS app and I forced a sync before closing. The updates were always reflected the next time I used the app. However, as soon as I tried to use the Windows app, a duplicate entry was identified - the most current one and one that was one week old. If Evernote can't be synced consistently, its "one device" limitation should be clearly identified.
  4. I have a similar problem. When making changes to a note in the iOS app, I always perform a manual sync before closing the app. Sometimes, hours later, both the updated note AND the old note appear in the Windows 10 desktop app. The desktop app calls my attention to the duplicate notes. I always make sure that only one app is open at a time, so this cannot be the cause of the problem. I have experienced this problem ever since making the mistake to "upgrading" to version 10.
  5. I'm do glad I found this forum thread. I, unfortunately, updated my iPhone and desktop from legacy versions to version 10 and have experienced several of the problems discussed above. I see the links for reverting to the desktop legacy version. If I revert, will my iOS version 10 behave nicely with the legacy desktop version?
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