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  1. The trick of adding a tag and then removing it does seem to work - a thousand thanks to whoever worked it out. It’s inconvenient and slow, much like the whole “up”grade. One can only presume that someone at Evernote will now block this method so as to render the service even worse
  2. Thank you for this. It is sad that we have to move, but Evernote is now so poor that this does seem a good option. I would love to know from Evernote if they see some commercial advantage in making the experience of using the app this bad? It seems so contrary to good sense to release a bug-ridden and inept update
  3. That is good to know. The current Evernote experience is so poor that it must be sensible, sadly, to find alternatives
  4. The generally poor quality of this update is clearly leaving users frustrated. Evernote’s performance has worsened markedly. Can we have some hope of improvements, or is it time to look elsewhere for the work it once did so well?
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