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  1. Must be number 1 feature request. And still Evernote prioritize everything we can do without. Go figure
  2. No you can't. Not from the sidebar, at least. And I couldn't care less about the new filter they have "improved". I wonder if Evernote really want their users anymore?
  3. That filter option is a joke. Why not simply let us select all our tags from the sidebar where they are easily selectable? No, that would be too easy, right. No, let's do it the hard way, from the new (not) improved filter where you need too many clicks, and, wait for it, cannot save the selection as a filter. I don't know about the general user base, but they lost me by killing that feature. After being a user for ten years.
  4. Just upgraded to 10.8.5 on Windows. Right click on a tag in the sidebar does nothing, either.
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