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  1. Thank you, but I'm not doing that.
  2. Hi, I wrote a thread with some suggestions (like this one, but with upgrades) and I added the merging function as well, you can read it here:
  3. Hi, I'd like to put in one thread all the improvements (for the Web app) I would really enjoy , in case some of the programmers would like to follow them: About organizing notes: - "Select all" in multiple selection menu, why isn't it an option yet? - "Merge note" with other notes - Possibility to modify more stacks at once About visualization and integrations: - It would be nice, when clicking on a note link from outside the app, someway being authenticated by the app, in this way we could edit the note from there if we need to. About more general use: - Export function, to export all notes in xml format and similar. Thank you on advance
  4. Thanks to everyone that made this possible, they finally upgraded the web app, making multiple selection possible. This is a very good implement, bravo the programmers behind this choice! Cheers
  5. Are you referring to Evernote webclippers? They don't allow to visualize notes and stacks (for what I can see on Chrome and Mozilla)
  6. Well if this is temporary, it's a new kind of situation, thank you for this infos. But multiple selection should be not treated like some sorta of extra feature, that's all. I can't even export my notes right now, so.. long story short: the stacks are stuck.
  7. Hi, even if this feature wasn't on the web app before, it's one of the basic functionality that EVERY note app should have, don't you agree? How can I organize my notes if I can't even select them with multiple selection? I was not saying that the web app had this feature, I thought that maybe they voluntarily put less funcional features on the web app since the beginning, to entice users to download the desktop app, but it was just a guess, I think that they spended resources and time and programmers to make that web app so it's improbable they just burned it, making it lacking of essential features. I can't install it because I don't use Windows or Mac. I have it on Android, multi selection available but it's impractical, I got to much notes for simply organizing them on a smartphone.
  8. Thanks for the reply. IMHO a note app where you can't select multiple notes, it's simply useless, I thought that maybe there was something wrong with my browser or something like this. What if this is, as you said, an attempt to reduce functionality on the web app? They can do this, they do even have the right to do this, but it's nonsense, and it's just baffling to me.
  9. I need to move multiple notes in one stack, for example, or delete a large number of notes. Or apply a tag to a certain number of notes all at once. I know this is possible from the desktop app (I can't install it- no compatible OS), but how could I do that from the web app? Thanks on advance.
  10. I'm looking for this web forum but I can't seem to find it, could you link it?
  11. Yes, I'm sorry I totally misunderstood, I'm having issues with the web app, I thought it was strictly connected to the web client, clearly it's not. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I need to move multiple notes in one stack, for example, or delete a large number of notes. Or apply a tag to a certain number of notes all at once. This is a note app, it is supposed to edit and manage notes. I know this is possible from the desktop app, but how could I do that from the web app?
  13. From several months now I entered in my evernote account (by web) and to organize better my notes I would need a way to select multiple notes at once (by clicking on them, one by one), it seems like this is impossible but I can't believe it (there has to be a way) , so I'm asking you what you do to select multiple notes and organize them. Thank you and sorry for the -surely- dummy request.
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