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  1. I work for a multinational company in the CyberSecurity dept managing web content filters and this is something that happens all the time. If your company will not do an SSL bypass, then your out of options unless you can convince Evernote to turn of Certificate Pinning. I get why companies would not want to bypass Evernote though, as it can be used for egress and causes DLP concerns. Evernote should offer an alternative login experience for people behind SSL intercepted endpoints.
  2. These login issues are likely caused by enterprise content filters. If your at work, or on a work VPN, submit a ticket to your service desk that says this: "Please add an SSL bypass for evernote.com as it's a certificate pinned application that I need to do my job" Dress it up as you see fit...
  3. I went to the web version and it looks exactly like my desktop one. Everything is gone. I submitted a support ticket. I have bad feeling about this...
  4. I accidentally deleted a notebook trying to delete a single note and I've lost everything. Every time I click "Restore Note" from the trash the note disappears forever. Where is it going? If I have a backup of my filesystem where would I find the file containing all my lost notes? I've lost so many notes now, I don't understand where "Restore Note" is supposed to be putting them? It's just gone. I can't drag the note from the trash back to a Notebook anymore so then my only option is copy and paste from the few notes I have left in the trash back in to new notes? I'd love
  5. Tags are meta-information, and the idea that EN shouldn't support notes in multiple notebooks because you can't do that in real life with paper is absurd. Real paper cannot be searched for meta-information either. Were dealing with a tool vastly more capable than a quill and parchment here. All modern computer file-systems support symbolic links which is exactly what were asking for, and no, a note with a link in it is not the same thing because that's 3 clicks instead of 1. Symbolic links are a perpetual mainstay because they are inherently useful. Just like notes in multiple notebooks
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