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  1. Still not working after update... 10.8.4-win-ddl-public (2349) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.1 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  2. Thanks for that. Installed Legacy, least i can get back to work.
  3. Yes, is is my exact issue... v 10.4.4 build 2096 public Editor: v112.1.14477 Service: v1.23.6
  4. Hi, No it appears to be different, I can open it no problem and get the login screen but i don't go anywhere after that. Please see the screen shots in the post above.
  5. Can't login at all Google comes back with login failed (works fine on web) The username.email option just times out and does not go to the password section.
  6. Hi, I use the iPad pro and a pen in Evernote a lot. When using the sketch I often will sketch technical drawings as well as notes. It would be great if we could add some layers to the drawings. Does not need to be heaps. Just a few would be great! Cheers
  7. I have also noticed that if I have the two Evernote windows open, clicking the icon in the dock will ALWAYS take me back to the main Evernote window, not the window I was working in.
  8. I can confirm this as well it is incredibly frustrating and slowing me down. OSX 10.11.6 Evernote Version 6.12.1 (455453 Direct) PLEASE Resolve this!!!!! If you are working in another app and fats switch back to Evernote it returns you to the main Evernote window. NOT the last Evernote window you had open. IE I open a note to work on it in its own window, go to another app ie chrome then switch back it does not return to the original Evernote "Note" window but the main Evernote window, meaning that I have to then mouse back to the window I actually need.
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