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  1. It would be really nice if Evernote would natively implement a way to hide the unnecessary icon here.
  2. Can only agree with the criticism, please definitely integrate an option in Evernote to be able to hide the annoying and completely superfluous Evernote icon in the top right of the menu bar.
  3. How is this supposed to work, i.e. how can I create a 100% offline backup of my Evernote notes?
  4. I also hope that the developers will take countermeasures very quickly and correct this deficiency.
  5. I would also like to know, how can I export my notebooks as a local backup for security purposes, as was also possible with earlier versions of Evernote? In my opinion this is a basic function, from a security point of view a pure cloud solution without a backup option is completely forbidden for serious use.
  6. Just the fact that the very common and massively advertised Ctrl + Q search shortcut has been changed destroys so much productivity that the other improvements cannot compensate for it. Honestly, the developer who came up with this very stupid idea should rather do other tasks.
  7. Thanks, then it is "normal" and I leave the settings as they are. I assume that it does not make sense to change this default value from "1157 MB" to 0 MB, correct?
  8. Hello, i have a short question about the backup function, when i want to create a backup in form of an enex file via "Export notes...". Up to now, the backup always created an enex file which grew slowly (logical) and had a size of 880 MB. But during my last backup two enex files were created, one named "Evernote.enex" and 856 MB size and one named "Evernote [2].enex" and 116 MB size. Is this normal, i.e. does the program create several files for backup, but with a certain total size of the Evernote notebook, or did something go wrong?
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