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  1. Recent update v8.4 on my iPhone 6s shuts down unexpectedly repeatedly as it tries to sync. I removed the app, reinstalled, and it went all the way through the sync before it crashed again. To I'm guessing this iOS 11 version wasn't properly tested in the last iOS 10 version. This has happened before, unfortunately. Back level testing is crucial because not everyone can or wants to update right away. All apps should be backwards compatible or leave the app store (in MLTHO). By the way, the crash just forces the app to the background; when you bring it back to the foreground, it tries to sync again and then crashes. It's fun for about 5 minutes, but then I get bored. I submitted a ticket, but the thought it could take up to a week for a response seems a little ... excessive. Or is it just me?
  2. I've run into a similar problem for the first time today. There is no server maintenance going on at the moment. I'm able to sync without problem on my WinXP machine. However, syncing on my MacBook pro fails to complete - it takes a long time to complete calculating changes, then the actual sync basically crawls. The log looks pretty ugly, too (many "server did not provide reco data for the resource ... " messages, for example). This is new - what triggered was I was doing a lot of reorganizing of my almost 8000 message, including intentionally duping some notebooks, doing mass tag changes and such. I would love an easy way to blow away the Mac database and reconstruct it from the web data. I'm going to let it run for the next several hours and see if it finally completes before I do something drastic. Update: After several attempts, the sync finally "unstuck" itself and completed.
  3. I followed the instructions - removed the account from Preferences, closed the app and restarted it, click on Share on the main Skitch window on the lower right corner. I don't get an option for Ol Skool or Evernote - all I do is get is the Welcome to Skitch pop-up. Any other ideas?
  4. Unfortunately, those steps didn't work for me. I tried a number of variations as well, same problem - setting up the Skitch account doesn't want my Evernote (or Skitch) credentials. I'm not getting prompted for them as described - I just put them in the email / password fields in the Skitch account setup (the only place for them) and when I try to share, it fails. There's gotta be an easier way.
  5. Running version 2.0 of Evernote on a MacBook Pro running Leopard 10.5.8. Since the upgrade to 2.0, I'm seeing a long delay starting up. An empty notebook is displayed for a few minutes and then the notes appear. This is a problem noted in the beta 2.0 version (see that thread). Of course, while the notes are being prepared for display, the spinner rolls along.
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