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  1. Let us say that I have a Notebook that uses a set of tags that are specific to that Notebook. How do I make sure that anyone I share that Notebook with sees all of those tags, even the ones that are not in use currently? One idea I had was to create a Note, and then to attach all the Notebook tags to that document.
  2. Is there any email system that has tight integration with EverNote? I don't like the workflow I have seen online where people take an email then "forward" it to their EverNote email. That creates a lot of extra work, and then you effectively have to deal with the same information in two different places. I was hoping to find a system where I could just add a single tag to an email and then it magically appears in an EverNote inbox for processing in EverNote.
  3. To me it is incredibly obvious that the EN product as currently designed makes it very easy to accidentally delete Notes and not realize you have done that. You then empty the trash a month later and irretrievably lose information. It's simply a bad design and I cannot believe they did not have a warning of deletion of Notes in a modal dialog as the default behavior.
  4. I am pasting some plain text from Windows Notepad application into an Evernote Note, and it is going off the right end of the page, as if I have a page width setting that is too wide. If I type in text by hand, it neatly tucks to the next line on the left aligned column as soon as I type to the end of the right edge of the Note. Something has broken the ability of this Note to automatically format the text, and it is acting as if the page width is twice the display area. Is there any setting that controls paragraph width? How can I enable auto-formatting of paragraph text so I don't need
  5. Is the request to add a configuration option to force a confirmation of Note deletion even on the EverNote feature to-do list? The more I use the product the more I see that many EverNote users are probably deleting Notes and never realizing they did it. It is not realistic to assume that these users did - or will - develop any habit to methodically pick through their trash bin looking for accidental deletions. The user interface as implemented is simply dangerous.
  6. That sounds very reasonable. Given that I selected the entire document and reset the font and font size of every character in the document, it does sound like there is some element embedded into these documents now that I cannot see and cannot modify, and that artifact appears to have a side effect of affecting the default zoom, on both the web and Windows versions of the product.
  7. Every two minutes or so the Note I am editing gets automatically saved. As soon as the save takes place, the cursor is jumping into the Title field. If I am typing rapidly, now my text ends up in the title and messes that up. I have to erase the wrong text in title, then hit tab key to reposition into the text of the Note. This behavior is driving me crazy. Is there any way to maintain the cursor position when a Note saves itself in the background?
  8. The enlarged zoom view infects the web version as well. It looks like a server side issue. I'm guessing my correspondent may have accidentally changed a font or size in one place in the document and it had an unintended side effect. But I tried to reset the font and font size after selecting all text in the document, and the problem still occurs. Given this problem happens on the web version, I don't see a point in reinstalling the app.
  9. Now the behavior has gone from bizarre to the twilight zone. I have Notes that use identical font styles and sizes that are going to different sizes at minimum zoom! So I can no longer even manually adjust the zoom to the same size as the unaffected documents. And it no longer affects just one document. This behavior is infecting every document my collaborator edits. I would say its a bug, but based on the fact that the first bug I reported to their support group got dropped completely and I never even got a level 2 person to follow through and respond, it doesn't look like it is
  10. Sometimes I am reading a Note, buried deep into a multi-page PDF, when I need to refer to another Note. So far I have been losing my context by jumping to another notebook. Is there any way for me to open a second instance of the main window in Evernote? Failing that, is there any way for me to open a Note I am already reading in a new window, while preserving any context I may have inside that Note? I know that once you are in a Note, you can open up a Note Link with <shift>+<left-mouse-click>. I see that <ctrl>+<ENTER> does something similar when opening
  11. Perhaps the font was changed in a single place. I selected all text, resized the font to the same default used in all other Notes and it still has the same bizarre behavior. Where is the setting for the default zoom?
  12. Font size is not modified. Ctrl+- reduces the view, but that reduced view does not *save*. And it affects only this one Note.
  13. I created a Notebook and shared it. One of the Notes I created was edited by someone I shared it with, and now the default zoom is at two steps up from the smallest zoom. I reset the zoom manually to the smallest, then edited some text hoping that this would save the zoom setting. It does not. Every time I re-open that affected Note, the zoom changes to two steps up from the smallest zoom setting. Every other Note in the Notebook is at the smallest zoom setting. How did this happen, and is there anything I can do to change the default zoom of a single Note?
  14. Okay, I solved my own problem. I stopped Evernote then searched for a file named user.dic in my Evernote subfolder in my user profile. That has the dictionary words listed one word per line and can apparently be edited outside Evernote. Are these dictionary words specific to just this one device? They are not shared across all my devices?
  15. I accidentally added a misspelled word into my EverNote dictionary. Is there any way for me to remove this word? Where is the dictionary stored, and how do I review and change its contents? I am using the latest Windows version under Windows 8.
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