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  1. + 1 . Please add ability to tag prior to sending to evernote. My suggestion is adding the step at the stage where you can modify the title of the note. There is so much unused space there. You can simply have two extra buttons appear after clicking on the title which would let you add a tag or change notebook prior to auto-uploading to evernote. Easy peezy
  2. please fix this ASAP for the Mac application too (latest built 5.07). The shift and command do the same thing ie select individual tags but does not allow you to select a range of tags say for example under a nested tag list.
  3. Hi. I have a serious issue with the way nested tags work. Say I have a tag named "holiday" and nested under it are other tags name "NZ" "Africa" etc, when I select the "holiday" tag, there seems no way to automatically display the child tags. I thought this could be done previously in an earlier version of evernote. I would really love for this functionality to return. Why is it that we have this option currently (vers 5) with Nested notebooks but not tags? With nested notebooks there is a option of the nested notebook list that says "view all notes in .... Stack" . Please add this to tags. The reason why it would be better for tags is that one can create create multiple generations under tags which notebooks currently cannot do. Tags are more flexible. This would be a simple option toggle but would help so many people.
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