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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It's pretty drastic sounding and something I'd rather avoid having to do. I was mainly just using EN Legacy to be able to export the most recent few weeks of notes, typically a couple hundred or so. I've reset the limit in EN 10 from 50 to 500 and will try exporting from v10 next time - will see how that goes.
  2. Win 10 - Every time I try starting Evernote Legacy, Evernote 10 starts up and goes haywire. It keeps flashing up a screen saying "Failed to import notes", over and over. The only way out seems to be to get the Legacy version closed. This has happened over the past month or so, including with the latest EN build just installed today. I haven't seen any other reports of this problem so assume there must be something odd about my setup. I have 35K notes, mostly in one Notebook, the default notebook set for the recently implemented Import Folders option. There is only one small text file currently in my Import Folder. Any ideas?
  3. A short note to say how this issue was resolved. I did some more googling on the issue and found a post (on the Google Chrome Help site) where someone reported that the issue for him was due to 'missing shared DLLs' and that running a registry repair in CCleaner had cured his problem. I have avoided doing almost any tampering with the registry in my computer, including any sort of 'cleaning', for many years. I used to do it occasionally, but that was long ago. However, last night I decided to try this myself using Glary Utilities Pro. I ran their Registry Fix Tool, including the Deep Scan which goes into the HKEY_ branches. It claimed to have fixed somewhere around 1700 problems. After that Chrome worked properly again.
  4. I'm sure there must be a way, but it may not necessary for me to explore that any more [well, see my last comment below]. Also, as I mentioned in the last post, the problem is much worse, and is apparently nothing to do with Evernote. I assume other people aren't encountering the same problem I have since it doesn't turn up with Google. Yes, I may have to revert to FF for a while, till I can figure out what's going wrong.
  5. The problem is not exclusive to Evernote, as I have just discovered. Windows isn't even allowing Chrome to open an HTML file by double-clicking in File Explorer. Using the Open With... doesn't work either. MS vs Google!
  6. I decided to try another browser. Windows made it difficult or at least extremely unobvious how to set FF as default, so I chose Iridium to be the default browser (built on a Chrome core engine). Then EN worked fine. I have now gone back to Chrome as default and now EN is broken again.
  7. I would try another browser but it's a bit of a pain to have to go through two settings of "default" - one to go to a new one, then another to return to Chrome. You mean uninstalling Evernote? Hmm... I did submit a ticket to EN -- but it's a weekend. I can just imagine the sorts of things MS would tell me. I would have to be pretty hard pressed to go that route. As it is of course I can *copy* the links out of EN then paste into a Chrome tab - just a pain, but not a deal-breaker. I'll see what EN support has to say, once they get round to it.
  8. Thanks for the response. My default browser these days is Chrome. I also suspect some sort of 'security' issue - Microsoft trying to 'protect' us. There is no context menu associated with the Evernote links so I can't easily choose another browser. I might try changing the default to FF and see what happens -- but I don't want to leave it that way.
  9. Long time user (premium). On Win 10 Pro, 64-bit; got the fall update ver 1909 yesterday. I think that ever since then clicking on a link (to the outside world) which appears in a note fails -- nothing happens. Is this likely due to the Windows update? I can't find anything about it. Anybody else experiencing this?
  10. Absolutely! I also need the font size in the left panel (note list in particular) to be larger. I do not want to set the overall Windows font size to be any larger. Evernote needs to have this option.
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