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  1. A short note to say how this issue was resolved. I did some more googling on the issue and found a post (on the Google Chrome Help site) where someone reported that the issue for him was due to 'missing shared DLLs' and that running a registry repair in CCleaner had cured his problem. I have avoided doing almost any tampering with the registry in my computer, including any sort of 'cleaning', for many years. I used to do it occasionally, but that was long ago. However, last night I decided to try this myself using Glary Utilities Pro. I ran their Registry Fix Tool, including the Deep Sca
  2. I'm sure there must be a way, but it may not necessary for me to explore that any more [well, see my last comment below]. Also, as I mentioned in the last post, the problem is much worse, and is apparently nothing to do with Evernote. I assume other people aren't encountering the same problem I have since it doesn't turn up with Google. Yes, I may have to revert to FF for a while, till I can figure out what's going wrong.
  3. The problem is not exclusive to Evernote, as I have just discovered. Windows isn't even allowing Chrome to open an HTML file by double-clicking in File Explorer. Using the Open With... doesn't work either. MS vs Google!
  4. I decided to try another browser. Windows made it difficult or at least extremely unobvious how to set FF as default, so I chose Iridium to be the default browser (built on a Chrome core engine). Then EN worked fine. I have now gone back to Chrome as default and now EN is broken again.
  5. I would try another browser but it's a bit of a pain to have to go through two settings of "default" - one to go to a new one, then another to return to Chrome. You mean uninstalling Evernote? Hmm... I did submit a ticket to EN -- but it's a weekend. I can just imagine the sorts of things MS would tell me. I would have to be pretty hard pressed to go that route. As it is of course I can *copy* the links out of EN then paste into a Chrome tab - just a pain, but not a deal-breaker. I'll see what EN support has to say, once they get round to it.
  6. Thanks for the response. My default browser these days is Chrome. I also suspect some sort of 'security' issue - Microsoft trying to 'protect' us. There is no context menu associated with the Evernote links so I can't easily choose another browser. I might try changing the default to FF and see what happens -- but I don't want to leave it that way.
  7. Long time user (premium). On Win 10 Pro, 64-bit; got the fall update ver 1909 yesterday. I think that ever since then clicking on a link (to the outside world) which appears in a note fails -- nothing happens. Is this likely due to the Windows update? I can't find anything about it. Anybody else experiencing this?
  8. I don't know exactly which email(s) failed when I wrote about the problem on 19 Dec 2018. I have just tried 3 candidate messages, mailing again to my Evernote account (w/out changing my settings) -- all of them have appeared! So unless I can think of, or remember, something else I have to give up trying for now.
  9. Yes, auto-filing is enabled in my account.
  10. It's rare to come across an email message with no HTML these days. I cannot now say for sure what was in the messages which did not come through to Evernote. I did send a message to Evernote today which came through fine -- it was in plain text as I recall.
  11. In my case, I might send an email (possibly two) once every few weeks. They would be very small texts -- under 50 KB for sure. I do not know of any reason for these to be rejected. The email messages I do send to Evernote are to do with genealogy.
  12. Thanks for checking. Your success inspired me to try again with two different messages. The one I have been trying to get through still doesn't appear, but it has worked OK with the 2nd message. I'll workaround this for now by creating a new note and using copy/paste. There's absolutely nothing 'strange' about the 1st note - no reason at all that I can see why it should be rejected.
  13. Moderately often I use the special email to Evernote capability [I'm on Windows 10, Evernote - the latest, as far as I know]. Today I have tried 3 times to send to my evernote email account and it has not shown up, either locally or on the web. I'm on a paid Evernote account. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or know of a fix? Thanks John
  14. Absolutely! I also need the font size in the left panel (note list in particular) to be larger. I do not want to set the overall Windows font size to be any larger. Evernote needs to have this option.
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