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  1. I've been a user of Evernote for nearly 8 years and been very happy but I am now considering moving away from it. Not only is the new version on iPad a really poor user experience, it now goes literally days without syncing across devices, and just lost a note. It was a very important note with a bunch of important actions I need to take from a big meeting. I didn't delete it, I clicked the green tick to ensure it was captured, and it's gone. That's just unforgivable. If I can't rely on it so that people can rely on me, then I can't use it.
  2. I'm having similar issues, just updated on my iPad and the new user experience is terrible. Slow, laggy, clunky performance when trying to do something as simple as move the note to a different notebook or add a tag. It's like someone specifically tried to make the app into everything I hate.
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