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  1. I just want to add I was also automatically informed of the upgrade this morning, I did NOT look for an upgrade manually. I, too, accepted the suggested upgrade because I didn't realize it was in fact a downgrade. So now I'm in the process of reinstalling.
  2. They've responded to another thread on this same topic that they are investigating:
  3. Also having the OP problem on any website. Disabling the clipper fixes the issue, as well as all the workaround posted above.
  4. Exactly! In my opinion and experience, this sentiment is a large part of the problem in freemium software: the idea that someone who uses the service but doesn't pay for it is somehow not "worthy" of the same user experience and customer care that "paying" customers are. Thank you for clarifying that you agree that's a silly position to have! Let's hope that we get some answers from Evernote soon. Then I can go back to doing research, not using 3 other tools to fill the gap left by the recent changes. (And hopefully I won't have to continue using those 3 tools...) Regardless of Evern
  5. The service isn't fully paid, so not every customer affected by this is a paying customer. Since freemium customers often turn into paying customers, I included them. We're all customers, so our feedback - of all types and phrasings - should be accepted. I too am a premium customer, but that shouldn't matter to Evernote - or this forum - because the changes affect every customer. I don't believe I am being solicitous, but of course that's entirely your opinion and you are entitled to it. I do know that for me, personally, yelling and threatening isn't very helpful to making me change my m
  6. Being a developer, I understand how difficult it is to please all users all the time (spoilers: you can't). I also understand that when you have a freemium model, there is the potential to have more users with less resources (i.e. money), and that can lead to things not always being addressed in the most satisfactory manner for all involved (see previous spoiler). To alleviate this somewhat, I think that ensuring a changelog is published to the end user whenever functionality is changed drastically (all major versions, most minor versions, optional on patches) would help tremendously. Sur
  7. I still can't get the Meister Clipper to work properly. I'm just asked to re-authorize (since it's already authorized for a year) and then it takes me to the presentation, which leads me to a dead link and doesn't authorize the clipper. I too would like to give some feedback, but unclear where I should at this point, so I'm just hopping on this bandwagon.
  8. I also receive this message, nor can I log into the prototype after everything.
  9. Code block is available now in the Evernote 6.2 prerelease for Windows. Yay!
  10. It sounds like an image was inadvertently copied, or perhaps a screenshot was taken instead of copying text. The blue icons you see are the Annotate and View features, that are only available on images. If you right click, you should also have image-specific options such as "Annotate this image." I'd go back to the original source and copy/paste again. If it still won't copy correctly (maybe an invisible canvas image is on the page), copy the text again and use the ctrl+shift+V keyboard shortcut to paste the text without formatting. You can also right click the empty note and choose "Past
  11. You can ctrl+click (cmd+click in Mac) a hyperlink in the desktop client to open it, similar to Office applications. Not as simple as clicking, but not as bad as it being removed entirely.
  12. I too have this problem on two different machines. And @jefito, having Evernote start with Windows would be a great alternative to pinning it to the taskbar...except every time Evernote updates it resets the "Start Evernote when Windows starts" setting. I saw another forum thread about the start with Windows issue where (I believe) an Evernote employee said it was something they were aware of and working on. @mfalkvidd: I've never seen this happen after an update with any other program I have pinned to my taskbar either, but that might just have to do with the types of programs I have. Whe
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