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  1. Thanks for the comments. I realise that there are restrictions in iOS that are out of Evernote's control. Reminder state also seems to be one of the first things that are synced in the sync process, so reminders should feasibly be synced before the OS says "times up". Seems to me that the server isn't waking the client to background sync like it used to. However the same problem also occurs on my 2 Macs. I am 99% sure the notes are synced there, the badge just isn't updating. As soon as I switch to Evernote the badge disappears. Despite all this everything is 100% reliable and I have never lost data. Hence my term "papercuts". I use reminders sparingly (It would drive me insane if I used them extensively). So when I see a badge on Evernote I usually bear in mind that it may be the first time I have opened it since completing a reminder on another device. I launch it and sure enough the badge disappears. Nothing is actually overdue. It serves its purpose but I'm pretty sure this was not the desired behaviour from the designers. Seems that there needs to be a bit of work done on tidying up processes on the Mac client (dock badge and Notepad count badges) every hour or so.
  2. Thanks. I can confirm that sync is working very nicely when the app is in the foreground. The thing that doesn't seem to be working is background sync.
  3. I guess I may be the only one. I wish to add another paper cut here. When clearing a reminder, I still see notification badges for that reminder on other devices. The badges are still there over 24 hours after clearing the reminder (marking done). Evernote is failing to background sync those clients, or the background sync is happening but the app is forgetting to pull the badge. The badge disappears immediately upon launch of the app on that device. Mac and iOS the same. Simple sync functionality just not working right.
  4. Am I the only one completely annoyed that the note count numbers only update when clicking on the notebook? For example if a note is added or removed from a notebook on another device or via AppleScript, the note count doesn't update until the notebook is clicked. Additionally the notification badge on the dock icon only updates when Evernote is brought to the front. Its not like its only updating when it syncs, its instantaneous upon click. Its like it should know the count has changed, just lazy to update the count on screen. Seems like there should be a periodic low priority process every few seconds to update all the note counts and dock icon.
  5. I too have noticed this, very annoying especially when you have spent only a microsecond in the other app (probably to copy or check something small). This is totally possible and I guess something is crashing or the system is putting evernote to the frozen state and its not recovering.
  6. Thanks @Shane D. for clarifying and merging the parallel threads. This makes sense now. In the meantime I will just bump the site to Chrome if I need to clip. I think we can all agree that we want a highly reliable (and fast) web clipper, not one that was rushed out just because Apple changed their policy a little earlier than expected. Seems we will need to move to Mac App Store versions of Evernote if we want to use Safari Web Clipper in future, am I right? This is a change for me but I can't think of any problems, other than we may have to wait a day or so longer for new releases to be available?
  7. I think this is effecting me. I just went to clip something and it had disappeared. Completely vanished. I am only running Mojave 10.14.6 and safari 12.1.2. When I click on "get web clipper" from the evernote preferences it directs me to the mac app store - first the evernote client and then a long list of safari extensions (and its not there). I have never bothered to switch to the MAS version of evernote as I felt the direct versions came quicker. Can I take the above to mean I have to live without the web clipper in Safari until evernote release a new version?
  8. This is awesome! I totally ignored the point about defining which input attribute. I have made a little change which sets the reminder to the day before, just in case I get too busy on that day. set dueDate to ((item 1 of inputAttributes) - 1) tell application "Evernote" activate set theNote to create note from file theFile notebook "Statements" tags {"Tag1", "Tag2", "Tag3"} set reminder time of theNote to dueDate synchronize end tell Thank you very much, this will really improve my workflow and helps me think of other things I can do with Hazel and Evernote.
  9. Hi DTLow Not sure if you are familiar with Hazel or not. I'm trying to add a line to set a reminder to pay a bill which is passed in from Hazel as an input attribute. After a lot of searching I was unable to find any exact examples for a noob like me to copy and paste. My current script looks like this but it does not work, this is my first attempt at modifying an existing script. Can you help? tell application "Evernote" activate (create note from file theFile notebook {"Statements"} tags {"Tag1", "Tag2", "Tag3"}) set reminder time of theNote to "Due Date" synchronize end tell This is the value which is passed to the script (embedded type) by Hazel. What am I missing in my script?
  10. I note that the reminder controls are now hidden behind the ... so its extra work for me to set a reminder. There is still so much screen real estate there, so I am not sure what the rationale behind demoting reminders was - its a very powerful feature in my opinion. I thought that I would then just learn the keyboard shortcut, but that doesn't seem to exist - does it? I also have a touchbar mac, I have not paid much attention to it, but, alas, no reminder shortcut there either. I need to advocate for reminders, please make them easier, not harder!
  11. When I select the reminder icon, notes should be sorted and displayed in such a way that today's reminders are at the top of the screen. Scroll up (by pushing notes down) to see reminders in the future. Scroll down (by pushing notes down) to see notes with overdue reminders. In the current implementation I have to scroll while looking at the reminder dates to see when they turn into times, in order to work out which ones are due today. Not ideal.
  12. Please add month and year selectors to the date chooser. I may want to set a reminder for a date in 3 years time. Impossible with the current implementation.
  13. A lock icon on the note, akin to the lock in system preferences, would be good. Click the lock to lock the note (make it read only). Click it again to unlock with a confirmation dialog.
  14. I'd really like to be able to undo a notebook change, or when I change the notebook to trash (by deleting). I often delete a note then wish I could un-delete it just by hitting ⌘Z.
  15. I'd really like to be able to undo a notebook change, or when I change the notebook to trash (by deleting). I often delete a note then wish I could un-delete it just by hitting ⌘Z.
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