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  1. You may find that it just works. Mine did. However I did just refer to the application as "Evernote" in my script. When I tested some in script builder it had me select Evernote Legacy as the app.
  2. I understand from a single post here and some posts on other forums that Applescript is not supported in V10. For those that have worked out automations for Evernote using their rich script library this is a huge shock. I wanted to confirm this and create a place for people to comment about this. CMD+J has become muscle memory for me and is such an incredible time saver. As much as I would love to update and pray that all the quirks of the old app have been addressed these pail into insignificance if my filing by applescript will no longer work. I'm not interested in maintaining two versions and their associated databased either. Until now I have stuck by Evernote for over 10 years and this has been the first indication that I probably should have done what many power users did a few years ago and jumped ship. I still hold on to the believe that Evernote could be the best experience for me provided all the features of Evernote 7 for Mac are implemented into V10 including rich support for scripting and CMD J. I'm sure there are others that I will find out only after a bit of use. I'm more than happy to pay for the top tier of Premium as I get a huge amount of value from Evernote with its current set of features.
  3. Indeed. I am staying for the wrong reasons - too hard to move to something else and no decent alternative (because I exploit quite a lot of Evernote's functionality). In no way because of user delight. Evernote may say that's fine, but without delighting users their future will slowly taper off into the sunset. See my thread on sync sloppiness here also.
  4. Hopefully you're being sarcastic here! I can't think what the last new feature was, let alone one that was useful and in support of Evernote's "your knowledge store, everywhere" mission. Like Zoom has done, Evernote need to pivot immediately to focus on nothing but getting the mobile apps working as well as they used to, you know, how it worked when we all signed up to put our lives' data in to this service.
  5. Do any Evernote employees watch these forums? Notice how just about everyone who is contributing to this thread is Premium. This is not a good situation. How do we escalate this to Evernote as a customer facing issue?
  6. To me now, Evernote is just a storage and searchable structure. I can no longer use it for note taking on mobile, in fact mobile just scrapes in for emergency look up of information. Any real use of Evernote has to be done on the Mac client. I may use this "down time" to look for how I can achieve the same thing with iCloud Drive folders and tags where I use Evernote for structured storage (filed by Hazel) and move to Apple notes for my dumps of data I just want to be able to search down the track. I have no issue paying for premium but premium should come with zero annoyances.
  7. Good tips, thanks. Hope to get a moment to work on this in the next week or so!
  8. Thanks @DTLow This is helpful. Anyone have experience with variables in tag names, and how to do it considering the " ".
  9. Any applescript ninjas out there who know how to do this? I am familiar with applying "static" tags when creating notes with applescript out of Hazel. I am not very familiar with how to use variables when assigning the tags. my current script would be tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"Statements"} tags {"FY1920"} synchronize end tell The FY1920 tag indicates "financial year 2019-2020". Right now when it clicks to a new year over I have to go in and update my scripts in Hazel. After years of doing this I would like to have them be created dynamically. Hazel can provide me the data via custom attributes. I need to be able to take the raw year data from the Hazel custom attribute, convert the date to just 2 digit year, subtract one year from the first one, add "FY" to the front of the string then use that string for tagging in the apple script. Anyone done this and could provide some code I could try?
  10. This really shouldn't be the case. Apps are frozen in place, occupying no resources but still in last known state when switched to the background. If it was killed perhaps it could resume at the same place, with some clever programming that constantly remembers the last open state. It is also getting very sluggish and takes a few taps sometime before it responds. It feels like a mobile web site, not an app. I hope that they get this sorted out.
  11. Thanks for the comments. I realise that there are restrictions in iOS that are out of Evernote's control. Reminder state also seems to be one of the first things that are synced in the sync process, so reminders should feasibly be synced before the OS says "times up". Seems to me that the server isn't waking the client to background sync like it used to. However the same problem also occurs on my 2 Macs. I am 99% sure the notes are synced there, the badge just isn't updating. As soon as I switch to Evernote the badge disappears. Despite all this everything is 100% reliable and I have never lost data. Hence my term "papercuts". I use reminders sparingly (It would drive me insane if I used them extensively). So when I see a badge on Evernote I usually bear in mind that it may be the first time I have opened it since completing a reminder on another device. I launch it and sure enough the badge disappears. Nothing is actually overdue. It serves its purpose but I'm pretty sure this was not the desired behaviour from the designers. Seems that there needs to be a bit of work done on tidying up processes on the Mac client (dock badge and Notepad count badges) every hour or so.
  12. Thanks. I can confirm that sync is working very nicely when the app is in the foreground. The thing that doesn't seem to be working is background sync.
  13. I guess I may be the only one. I wish to add another paper cut here. When clearing a reminder, I still see notification badges for that reminder on other devices. The badges are still there over 24 hours after clearing the reminder (marking done). Evernote is failing to background sync those clients, or the background sync is happening but the app is forgetting to pull the badge. The badge disappears immediately upon launch of the app on that device. Mac and iOS the same. Simple sync functionality just not working right.
  14. Am I the only one completely annoyed that the note count numbers only update when clicking on the notebook? For example if a note is added or removed from a notebook on another device or via AppleScript, the note count doesn't update until the notebook is clicked. Additionally the notification badge on the dock icon only updates when Evernote is brought to the front. Its not like its only updating when it syncs, its instantaneous upon click. Its like it should know the count has changed, just lazy to update the count on screen. Seems like there should be a periodic low priority process every few seconds to update all the note counts and dock icon.
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