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  1. I completely fixed this issue plus the spinning wheels by: 1. Highlight All Notes, choose File: Export Notes... and creating a backup of the entire database. 2. Using the freeware AppCleaner (https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/), I completely deleted all files associated with Evernote. 3. Download a fresh copy of Evernote (I'm running Mac OS X 10.14.5), and Import the database file. Did this a couple weeks ago, and no more spinning wheels and no more request to Keychain sign-in.
  2. Was having this issue for the past month, and it got fixed by quitting EN, removing the ~/Library/Group Containers folder for Evernote, and restarting. (Running Mac OS X 10.14.5, and Evernote 7.10)
  3. Thank you, DTLow. I'm a long-time Mac user, but never have learned to use the Script Editor. Is that script you've built something you can share?
  4. Is there a faster way to set up a Reminder for a note than: 1. click on the ellipsis ... 2. Add reminder... 3. click Add Date 4. click on date in calendar. I use Reminders for almost all the notes I have (I use EN mainly has a sales tickler file, where each note is the name of a business colleague or prospect). Would love to know if there's a way to speed up setting up each Reminder.
  5. Well this is a scary thread. I just got back into EN after years elsewhere, and am in love with the Reminders feature, which allows me to use EN as a tickler file app for sales. But the idea of EN eventually slowing down to a crawl doesn't look good. And it sounds like support isn't addressing this. If any of you use EN mainly as a sales tool for its tickler system, let me know if you have an alternative.
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