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  1. Bigger is better My button needs to be the biggest. How can I overcompensate for other things by adjusting my button to be bigger than my co-workers??
  2. Nevermind. @DTLow can you help fill in the missing values, such as what I would use for selectedNote and selectedNotes? Evernote Clear Reminders Query.txt
  3. Can you attach that query as a txt file so I can copy and paste?
  4. Generally speaking, you’d be right. However, my situation is unique from day to day use bc I never fully appreciated or even paid attention to this feature until now and now I want to use it, but would like to start fresh of todos.
  5. I'd like to see a much easier method for cleaning up my old / neglected reminders at once. Perhaps a 'Select All' and 'Remove Reminders' option would do. My reminders function is virtually useless due to the thousands of un-cleared reminders that are clogging it up.
  6. I feel like I'm drawing a blank; I am convinced that this is not only possible, but that it's simple too. How do I change the password used to encrypt various text within my notes? I understood that there's one main password (other than my account password) for encrypting. Where do I go to change this??!! I'm going nuts here :?
  7. If you customize the secondary window's toolbar to, for example, have a printer, it will remain there until the window gets closed & when it is reopened, no print icon. I'm a software developer & know how the UI should be. It isn't behaving the way one would expect it to in OS X 10.5.6. :?
  8. * Running latest Mac build * From Summary screen, double click to open a note window & customize the toolbar. Add the Print icon to it, close the window, reopen it & it's not there. Seems like it isn't saving the customizations.
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