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  1. I agree with @Drugo. 6 months of unusability of tagging on Android version, which is what I use it for. How can EN staff not take note?
  2. Same problem here for months with the paid version. No solutions in the forums. Any date for the fixture, Evernote? I must add that, with the new problem, some tags are stuck to any new clips. I need to uncheck those tags before adding new ones. Please help.
  3. Same problem here with ver 10.5.1 for Android, not only won't this version add new notes, also, no new tags, and the tags of the note previously attempted be to save, carry on to the new note. In addition, the font of the notes won't fit the screen. I am using a paid version, so S. O. S.!
  4. @Dave-in-Decatur @CalS @mosaicxThe goal is only to store the web addresses, pretty much the way webclipper does it. I would not mind losing hierarchy so long as each level in Chrome bookmarks is given a tag. For example a bookmar nested below Used car dealers>Zip code 23100 would be given both tags (Used car... and Zip...). Of course, if the hierarchy were to be inherited in the form of nested tags, all the better. Even more so if content were stored too. On the other dimension, I did not think about whether each address would become an entire new Notebook or a Note. I would prefer the latter, you can then move it to the Notebook of your preference. Any news, Evernote?
  5. A third-party solution is called Booknote Importer but only for Mac. I too have thousands of bookmarks I would like to have converted individually to notes, not in bulk. The nested tagging should compensate for the flatness of the Notebooks structure. See: https://www.addictivetips.com/mac-os/booknote-importer-save-bookmarks-to-an-evernote-notebook-mac/#:~:text=Booknote Importer is a free,signing into Evernote's web interface. Evernote: please rush the solution for Windows, is there a place to vote in order to generate attention?
  6. I would guess that the flat notes structure (X-dimension) could be compensated with the flexible tags feature (Y-dimension). I have far too many Chrome bookmarks and would like to transfer them in bulk to Evernote.
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