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  1. In my case, I developed a medical issue requiring surgery which took too long to recover from and I had to retire from my job earlier than I had planned. Money became a little tighter as I am a single parent with 2 kids (nearly adult now hooray) and I had to go through my budgeting with a fine tooth comb. EN was one that was on the list. As I no longer needed it for my rather technical position whilst working and my cache of manuals, instructions, operational videos etc, I deleted all of those and re commenced as a free member as now I love EN to help organise my daily life. As I said earlier, I am very happy on V8 and I hope when the day comes that EN shut it down, that V10+ works as seamlessly as V8 does now.
  2. Fair enough comment. But EN would strategise that a percentage of free users would convert to paying members. They would not offer a free platform otherwise. Regards Col
  3. I tried that, but got no response. I have used EN for many years (10?) and have been very happy. I recommend EN to anyone looking for a solution to keeping notes and reminders. I have read many many comments from Android users like me, frustrated with such a huge upgrade that had major bugs. It was apparent that EN didn't really want to get heavily involved with users. It's a shame. As I said, I am happy to stay on V8**
  4. I agree, but Evernote are invisible and uncontactable. The only thing I as a user can do, is post on public forums. I am happy using the V8*** I have installed.
  5. My Realme 6 phone has a custom User Interface V2.0 that interacts with the Android V11. Maybe it's a small issue. In V8, when I create a note, if I skip through too quickly to the creation page, the keyboard will not appear. I need to do it slowly. I have read of a number of people on Android, who also can't save a new note, so I know it's not just me.
  6. Thanks. There may be a subtle difference in the Android OS on my Realme 6 phone that is blocking the save arrow. I have read that a lot of people using Android have the same issue of not being able to save a new note, so you need to feel lucky and thankful EN works for you. I am sitting in V8 and happy for now. I may never update it.
  7. I am using V8 at the moment, hoping it doesn't update again, with no saving issues. It's a good tip, but I only have text notes so I am confident I am fine.
  8. Shame. The tick on my screen stays grey. No matter what I do, it's not possible to save a note as after 2 back button clicks, you end up back at the main screen.
  9. Wow! So when you select create new note, the tick at the top left is green awaiting you to click on it to save the new note? What phone do you have? I am using a Realme 6 with the latest OS V10.
  10. That's understandable, but if that is the case why won't EN allow me to re install the last working V8 version without forcing my phone to update back to the latest V10 version, even though I have disabled auto updates, so I can at least keep using EN until all the little bugs are sorted? From reading a lot of these threads, there are many android users who are having the same trouble as me. I am sure they are all not using a Realme phone, so it's a broader issue than just one brand, but I am not tech enough to guess the common link between android brands and there tweaked OS's to guess where the bug lies. Thanks for your comment though. Colbunko
  11. Tried the uninstall, power phone off, restart, redownload Evernote. Still can't save a new note. It was worth trying, but I am still unable. Thanks for the suggestion.
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