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  1. So that others don't have to search, this link seems to be what PinkElephant is referring to -- but PinkElephant please correct me if this is not what you meant. (I haven't tried it yet.)
  2. Thank you, Dan, for your very clear and extremely helpful explanation of how to solve this problem!
  3. No, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to "uncheck" each retained tag permanently, so that with each new clip there are NO previously-retained tags.
  4. Is that possible only in Premium? I don't see any way in Plus to permanently "uncheck" each tag so that it doesn't automatically get applied to new notes.
  5. The new version of Evernote on my Android phone retains tags applied to previous notes and applies them automatically to every subsequent note. It is necessary to open the new note and delete each inapplicable old tag every time a new note is created. This is time-consuming and extremely annoying! Please tell me how to make it stop!
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