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  1. I would have if it would have been in any way useful. For the interested: "An error has occured" I did, in my previous post You're probably right, it's just another bug that's entered the same printing flow. Not sure where this suddenly comes from. Is this really necessary? Feels like we're two posts away from Godwin's law. Nevertheless, I assume you refer to "circular reasoning"? How exactly do your 4 steps constitute a circular reasoning? And how would this be relevant to this thread? Did you pick up along the way that these are all features that once worked, an
  2. Doesn't work here. I tried a couple of different scenarios: With single page notes, Evernote prints one and then gives an error message With multi-page notes, it shows the correct number of print dialogs, but only gives one single file in the end This program has gotten so bad, it's depressing... (the scaling of scanned documents is also completely messed up now I just noticed. Evernote will scale a small receipt to match page width, stretching it over 4 pages in pdf... I'm just about done with this thing to be honest)
  3. I have a macbook pro running Catalina. Evernote 7.14 (458265 App Store). I'm doing "cmd + P" > "PDF" dropdown menu > "Save as PDF" In the past this produced X number of pdf files for X number of notes. Now just the one.
  4. This does not work anymore. It used to work, like so many other features, but now it doesn't. If I select multiple notes => print => Save as PDF, I get one file called untitled.pdf with one note in it. The others have never been created or overwritten, but are not there.
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