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  1. Tassiecelt: I saw your 2015 comment about using Fantastical (and other apps) with Evernote. Now after 6 years and a huge redo of Evernote, are you still recommending Fantastical? (I want to sync with Windows 10 and ios). Thanks. Michael

  2. Clearly neither Evernote nor Brave have the inclination of providing a web clipper. Is it because Brave will not track your every movement? Is such a browser a threat to Evernote? I’m struggling to understand the long delay. Not happy Jan.
  3. Under “manage tags” in the home screen (iOS) there is no option to add a tag or delete one. How silly is that?
  4. I agree with some in this thread, creating new tags is not easy or simple. It used to be.
  5. I’ve been looking hard at Apple Notes for iOS. It’s getting closer to an Evernote replacement. It’s lacks some features, but it lacks the cost of Evernote also.
  6. I’ve given up on Evernote ever implementing this, I mean, how hard can it be?? Maybe they don’t really value our need for secure and private browsing.
  7. After a year of waiting, I give up on Brave, back to safari.
  8. Sadly many don't know of the benefits of Brave, some may not want to know, but when evernote is essential to life and Brave is the best browser for security and speed, I am BAFFLED at Evernote's reluctance to make a webclipper a priority. Is there something going on, some roadblock, that I don't know about?
  9. I don't know much about sandbox, apart from the one I played in as a kid But this I know, it's near impossible to send anything to evernote recently. Spark email from Readdle has always been brilliant at sending to Evernote, not working for most emails now. Airmail, likewise, no longer sending emails to evernote. OK so I try forwarding to my evernote email address, that's not working either. Of course, the best browser (Brave.com) still has no web clipper. Either all these apps have failed - or Evernote have changed something. Given Evernotes' recent record with upgrades - I rather suspect the latter.
  10. Brave is a browser that blocks any tracking and protects privacy as we all know who use it. Frankly, the slowness or reluctance on the part if Evernote to provide a web clipper makes me wonder if they are more concerned about tracking us and less about privacy. Maybe it's just that Evernote doesn't listen to users who dearly now to use it? it certainly raises questions in my mind.
  11. Here we go again. After the update of the update of the update EN has been behaving for a while, until today when the iPad version crashes immediately and repeatedly. Tried all the usual stuff, looks like ANOTHER delete and reinstall. Boy I am fed up with this app.
  12. I wonder how serious evernote can be about webclipper for Brave, surely this is not a hard task for evernote. What possible reason could there be for the delay. Heck, we are paying enough money each year for Evernote. Better support on this would be welcomed.
  13. So 8.03 is out, I no longer trust Evernote updates so I will wait on this a while. Has anyone tried it? Does it indeed fix the problem of crashing? (Although my iPad is much more stable after good advice from this forum)
  14. Again, the issue was finally fixed not only by reinstalling but revoking all devices and signing back in. Since then the iPad version has been working fine. note, this tip came from this forum NOT from tech support, so no credit to Evernote for being helpful. i can't help wondering.... I was opposed to their involvement with Google, I had a feeling something would go pear shaped. Maybe I'm wrong.
  15. Happy days! who was it here suggested revoking access to all devices? well that seems to have fixed it! Note: this didn't come from tech support, but from this forum. thanks, ios version seems to be working and not crashing. So much time wasted. I shall be very very wary of upgrades and will not stop looking for a solid alternative to EN.
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