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  1. The note preview doesn't work when using the list view. To see the content of a note you have to press Enter. This is a huge issue for me as I use keyboard shortcuts for everything
  2. Keyboard shortcuts are essential for me too as I get repetitive strain injuries on my wrist from using the mouse/trackpad.
  3. The Evernote skin is such an eyesore that I've tried to move over to several other platforms such as OneNote etc. I keep coming back to Evernote, but please I beg you let us change the skin - or just give us a clean white theme - please lose the black and grey
  4. I really need keyboard shortcuts for the web, similar to Gmail - for example N for new note, / to search, etc. Please let us know if this is on the roadmap?
  5. Hi I finally managed to sort out the problem indexing Evernote on Yosemite. Evernote support sent me this: 1) Go to the Finder and hold down the Option key and select the Go menu. 2) Under the Go menu you should see Library. Select this. 3) Now find CoreData and open that folder. Do you see a folder called com.evernote.Evernote? What is the date of that folder? This is your spotlight search information for Evernote and should get updated every time you edit a note. if the date is really old then something is wrong and your spotlight indexing isn't updating. If th
  6. I logged two tickets for this: Ticket #833297, for which I never received a response. Then ticket #1034041, which got a response from Evernote saying they would look into it. Then they said that they acknowledged it was an issue and would escalate it. They asked for an activity log at that stage, which I sent. And I have received no response since then (28 April - 3 months ago). See below: Dave Z. (Evernote Support) Apr 27, 09:11 Thank you for your patience and working with me on this. I have gathered enough details to determine that this appears to be an
  7. I already tried this months ago. Contacted Evernote support to report that it didn't work. They said, well too bad. I tried today again a complete uninstall and re-downloading from the Evernote web site. No luck. It doesn't work. No support from Evernote. Just a claim that it does work. But it doesn't. Not for me, and I am paying you every month. But you won't look into it. Shall I copy and paste the res ponse from your support team?
  8. Evenote's response to this is that it just doesn't work, sorry. No idea when it will. Thinking of stopping my premium membership. Spotlight is one of the main reasons I use evernote.
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