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  1. Seems I see a pattern. 1/ When I add a checklist item via the toolbar, it appears as follows in the enex. Filter todo:false does NOT work. <ul style="--en-todo:true;"><li> 2/ When I add a checklist item via a keyboard shortcut (using Keyboard Maestro inserting "- [ ] "), it appears as follows (notice the "--en-checked"): Filter todo:false does work. <ul style="--en-todo:true;"><li style="--en-checked:false;"> When using the Windows client and iOS client I did use the toolbar; on my mac I use the keyboard shortcut. Crazy 🙄. I'll add this info to the support ticket.
  2. Can confirm it only works with (new) notes created on the macOS client (10.77.3); doesn't work with new notes created from the Windows client or iOS client. So strange... thought it was a backend thing and v10 had a "unified" platform (so why these differences between clients...). Seems to be related to how the checklist item is created: see my message
  3. The filter todo:false seems to work again (since today, 2024-02-22), but only when I add the checklist item via a keyboard shortcut (- []): suddenly, old notes appeared in my "todos and reminders" saved search filter. See
  4. I don't believe that "error message." I just tested it and was able to send 7 submissions. It broke once I opened the note in a client. Since this issue started when RTE was rolling out, I strongly believe it is caused by opening the note. The issue began at the beginning of 2023 when I was on the preview beta of RTE. They never fixed the issue even though I did my job as a beta tester by reporting the issues and sending reminders to the support tickets. 🙄
  5. ... and that ugly menu bar... why isn't that themed (or handled differently). It's ugly (inconsistent colors). They should have a look at it, and if cannot get themed, work out a better solution. @Federico Simionato can the Windows client also get some love please?
  6. Good luck with that. I don't believe anymore in a solution. It all started when the RTE rolled out (I was on the preview beta); my macOS shortcuts also broke (same issue). And what is the limit (if that would be the issue)? I strongly believe there is something else going on. Once I start editing a note to which content is added via Zapier, things break in subsequent calls.
  7. I did some tests today with Zapier: still unstable. Operation denied because the calling application has reached its hourly API call limit for this user. I won't contact Evernote support. I did this at the beginning of 2023 during the RTE rollout, and it was never fixed. They don't seem to care about this issue, and I have no interest in renewing my premium subscription. 🙂
  8. So if they are working on a "New UI" ... The white menu bar on Windows clients is ugly. Why didn't they fix it? Is this software state-of-the-art? 😞
  9. Fixed for Readwise integration; other integrations may still be broken.
  10. Same here on latest macOS (Sonoma); had to reinstall 10.66.x version as the 10.67.2 version is not usable 😕.
  11. Same on macOS 10.66.3. What is this 😕 🤷‍♂️...
  12. Installed it, and now the note suggestions are working again. Great!
  13. I don't see any suggestions anymore for notes. I'm running the latest macOS client, version 10.62.5. So...?
  14. I received feedback from Evernote support. The first feedback indicated that the issue was not a problem 🙄; it was working as intended. They referred me to the documentation regarding checkboxes. Once again, I had to act as the quality assurance (QA) for the company and refer to an old ticket from 2022 that described the exact same issue (and mentioned the issue got solved some time later). Fortunately, my ticket has now reached the development team. Waiting for a fix 🤞.
  15. I didn't say the development team doesn't understand the issue; that's why I contacted Federico. By the way, the same thing happened with the Readwise integration, which took 3 months to be resolved (including 2 months of discussion to determine if it was an issue or not). Also, the issue with "todo: false" is a regression. We had the same problem in November 2022, it was fixed, and now it has reappeared.
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