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  1. Same, especially true on google search: search something, go to result, swipe back (macOS) -> font "flash". Disabled :/.
  2. I totally agree. A homepage is so ... nineties... 😕. I totally miss the native macOS experience of the previous (Legacy now) version (UI and UX; think about share menu, but also elastic bounce effects, ...). And this won't come back. Crazy, crazy, crazy .
  3. Which facts? The fact is that when you go to the Evernote website and you click on "Download app", you get the v10. The fact is that when you go to the App Store and search for v10, you get the v10 version. So... where are the facts that it is not ready for general use? You don't decide about this (as you said... it's your opinion; but I don't agree that you see this is backed up by facts). Evernote decides about what is to be considered as ready for general use. And they did. Evernote V10 is ready for general use, according to the company building the product. That's the only fact that matters (unfortunately).
  4. Fair @Nick L.. But at the same time: 5 days ago Evernote released a new version, which is broken for many users. At this very moment the only way to continue working in Evernote is: a) using a Legacy version (... 🙄) or b) asking your users to follow a workaround published on a discussion forum (why is there no official communication? Or even better: a hotfix release...?). Evernote is struggling. At least, that is my conclusion. Which is very strange ... because I thought it was a mature company. My fear is that you are struggling with the new technical stack (i.e. Electron, and especially its limitations). Anyway... good luck, and waiting for that new release (but more and more switching to Roam Research for my daily note taking).
  5. Same here... same here: exactly the same error when I try to open one of my notebooks (no issue when opening it using the web client). I feel so disappointed by all of this. I mean... it is about navigation to a notebook, the most basic feature you can imagine. But... that fails. What is going on?
  6. Took handwritten notes, during meeting lasting 2 hours. After hitting "Done", I saw the spinning wheel. For several minutes. Closed Evernote, opened the note again, ... proposed to restore the previous note (as it detected there were unsaved changes; so far so good). My handwritten notes appeared back again and I tried to save the note. Again the spinning wheel. For several minutes. Tried that process once again. Fourth time: empty note. Nothing to recover. Dropping features: OK; losing data: very, very bad. No feedback from the support team on this issue. So Noteshelf it is now (at least on iPad).
  7. So when Apple releases macOS Big Sur in one of the coming weeks, the first GA release, you also expect these kind of issues (losing features, losing data, ...) ? Don't think so.
  8. First release? That's not true. The application was during a long time in PREVIEW, followed by a BETA phase. This was not a first release.
  9. Encountered exactly the same issue: my meeting notes, 2h, gone... Contacted support without any feedback. Dropped Evernote on iOS and replaced it by Noteshelf (had Evernote sync). And on macOS I've installed the legacy version (speed, CMD-J, drag-and-drop, macOS integration, ...; a much much more productive tool). Terrible, terrible release strategy (and yes, I was a beta tester but totally surprised they suddenly released all clients...).
  10. Hello. Noticing the same issue: share with Evernote on iPhone or iPad, open Evernote on macOS -> note does not appear. Workaround: I need to open Evernote on iPhone or iPad, which will trigger the save / sync. No great UX 😕.
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