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  1. Hi...I have to say the new sketch on the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil has really become a lot more challenging. It appears we went from a pretty good pen option to now using what appears to be almost like a crayon by default. It makes these sketch writing much harder to read. Is there any way to go back to just using. a plain pen that isnt impacted by how hard you write. I dont actually sketch I just need handwritten notes and it looks like this new feature was designed for artists rather than handwriting
  2. Since two updates ago (about a week ago), which seemed to be around the same time as the new iOS rollout, Evernote for MacOS is intemittenly not syncing a note. After actively working on a note, I'll see the note meta data saying (last updated 2 hours ago). I have since stopped using it and am now using Evernote for web. At this point I would say only 30% of the time, Evernote is recording the updates and 70% of the time ist completely losing any new updates to a note. Even after closing and reopening it, the modification made to the note are lost. Very frustrating
  3. In the Evernote for web beta, a note that has an image with an embedded url from another Platform like Mac is showing the url on the web version. If I edit the note in the web version it then breaks the note on the Mac version by showing the URL in hypertext next to the image. Is this going to get fixed or do we need to stop embedding urls into images. This feature is key on my workflow as I often use photos of post it notes to link to other notes.
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