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  1. I agree workaround is not clean. It has been ~3 months since issue was reported, so I just wanted to post the solution for the dev team that its just 1 word fix not a complete rewrite of the code. Hope they pick it.
  2. Just solved the issue. The problem was that evernote trying to find webpage link inside the <head> while Amazon moved it into the <body> element. so to add it back to the head, just paste the following in the console document.head.appendChild($("link[rel='canonical']")); Clip the page and everything will work correctly. I suggest to use Tampermonkey to auto run the script.
  3. I want to report same issue here with Ubuntu 20 with chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 and clipper Version 7.14.0. I use to have the same issue with win10 as well.
  4. This feature was in the legacy, just a small arrow next to the tag to filter them and you can stack multiple tags quickly with one click. So many good features are not available in this New fancy version. This forum should be called "Bring Back the Old Features"
  5. This is crucial for people who use notebooks and tags extensively. Filtering only the tags related to a notebook makes more sense, it looks like a table of content. I like the new design and speed, but not having this feature makes search for notes cumbersome, I'm reverting back to the legacy.
  6. Same issue here. The clipper most of the time doesn't load on Amazon website (Windows10 - Chrome)
  7. This is essential when doing research and summarizing long articles from multiple sources. Please consider adding it
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