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  1. There used to be a dialogue screen to change a few keyboard shortcuts including the shortcut for clipping a section of your screen and sending it directly to an evernote. Where has this gone? Or, at the very least, what is the new screenclip shortcut? I'm on windows 10 and using Evernote 10.4.4 build 2096. It doesn't look like the Evernote helper has any option for clipping the screen either? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. yes. this is a must for me as well. I use evernote exclusively for work and I have many documents where I will no longer need to edit them and it's important that I lock from future editing
  3. @DTLow The issue seems to lie in the fact that Evernote has been built around HTML encoding. However (and here's the crazy part), if I copy the text in the above image (copied from a note in Evernote) and past into a HTML code window, I get the following result: Perfect tab alignment... go figure index _id started finished run time ------- ------------------------ ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------- 0 5da40748b2e9741477f99bef Monday 14-10-2019 at 15:27
  4. I know this issue has been raised before and answered/solved with suggestions like "just use tables" or "indenting". However, consider this use case: I have a large stream of text I have copied from a console window like the below image. Notice how all the columns are out of alignment. Now imagine trying to copy each every cell into a new table of cells. Also note that "indenting" doesn't solve the issue either. I humbly request a resolution for this tab alignment issue. This appears in the following versions of evernote/window combination: Windows 10 Pro 1809 OS build
  5. Hi Garret, I'm a premium member and have been experiencing the issue of pdf appearing blurry during annotation for years now. I have tried with many different types of pdf's and confirmed that they are not blurry when editing them in other apps. I have attached an example screenshot showing original pdf and the blurry pdf during annotation in evernote. I'm using the latest version of Evernote: (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) screenshots of original vs blurry pdf.pdf
  6. @gazumped yeah I did think to just change all my tags to something like that but was very frustrating that the double quote wasn't working. thanks anyway!
  7. @jefito right you are! I just tried this on a different computer with a different keyboard and it seems to be working now. I think the keyboard I was using at work was rendering the double quotation mark key (the one above the comma) as a curved double mark, whereas the keyboard at home is rendering it as a straight double quote mark. Would not have picked that up. Thanks very much for the solution!
  8. I have attached a screenshot that further explains the problem. I have am trying to find all notes in a notebook that ARE NOT tagged with "department meeting". However, having double quotation marks around the single tag "department meeting" does not work as shown in the screenshot. Any ideas?
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