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  1. Yes. Did that - that's how I got the Unix path. Still getting the same error.
  2. MeTheUser: not the real one. Just didn't want to put my name in there. And have the non-App Store version. Add_Notes_to_Evernote_c_Creation_Date.pdf
  3. DTLow, So I replace "/Users/david/Desktop/test" in both locations in the script with the location of the folder of my choice on the Desktop? E.g.: /Users/MeTheUser/Desktop/TESTimportEN If I do this, I get the error: Error Number: 3 Evernote got an error: File does not exist. SteveJ set theFiles to files of folder POSIX file ("/Users/david/Desktop/test") <<< hard coded folder name
  4. Any ready-made Applescripts out there? Wouldn't have a clue how to create one.
  5. Folks, After a short stint away from EN during the turmoil of the past few months, have decided to return to the fold. Have several hundred text documents and PDFs which I need to import to EN. Dragging them into EN gives them a creation date of Today. Is there some way to import them which can respect the creation date? I *do not* want to do this manually. Steve J
  6. Thus: Option + contextual menu, toggles the "Copy Note Link" item to "Copy Classic Note Link". Doesn't work in the menu item Note > Copy Note Link
  7. Yes! This was annoying me too. I don't even want to see those shared notes unless I actually look for them. I ended up creating a new Evernote account specifically for sharing notebooks with friends. Not me sharing mine, but for viewing their stuff. On a Mac with Premium Acct. Steve J
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