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  1. Yes. Did that - that's how I got the Unix path. Still getting the same error.
  2. MeTheUser: not the real one. Just didn't want to put my name in there. And have the non-App Store version. Add_Notes_to_Evernote_c_Creation_Date.pdf
  3. DTLow, So I replace "/Users/david/Desktop/test" in both locations in the script with the location of the folder of my choice on the Desktop? E.g.: /Users/MeTheUser/Desktop/TESTimportEN If I do this, I get the error: Error Number: 3 Evernote got an error: File does not exist. SteveJ set theFiles to files of folder POSIX file ("/Users/david/Desktop/test") <<< hard coded folder name
  4. Any ready-made Applescripts out there? Wouldn't have a clue how to create one.
  5. Folks, After a short stint away from EN during the turmoil of the past few months, have decided to return to the fold. Have several hundred text documents and PDFs which I need to import to EN. Dragging them into EN gives them a creation date of Today. Is there some way to import them which can respect the creation date? I *do not* want to do this manually. Steve J
  6. Really loving this new Comm-J search function. Great stuff. Will be great if tags are added to it. And tags auto-completing OK. Beta 2 and OSX 10.11.3 Steve J
  7. Thus: Option + contextual menu, toggles the "Copy Note Link" item to "Copy Classic Note Link". Doesn't work in the menu item Note > Copy Note Link
  8. Folks, Have searched through the forum archive and have goggled extensively without success. Am up around the 14,000 notes and want to start archiving a bit more aggressively. Would like to be able to remove the tags from a collection of notes (currently linked by common tag which I want to retire - too many tags) and then bulk editing the notes by appending a string to the end of their titles. DEVONthink allows me to do this via Applescript. Can't find any applescripts out there for Evernote. I really do not want to have to open each note individually to paste the string in. And I don't really want to transfer them to a second account. Just wish I had adopted GM's system of putting the keyword-tags in the title from day 1. Any suggestions appreciated. Steve J
  9. GM, heartily agree with your comments. Am currently at about the 11,000-mark with my notes. Half of these being medical pdfs. Have been struggling with the choice of knowledge silo for many years now. If it weren’t for the need to have the notes synced with my office and mobile devices, I would, without hesitation, be back with DEVONThink. EN does a phenomenal job with syncing but searching these ever more disparate and numerous notes is becoming challenging. Searching a few hundred notes is really simple, searching tens of thousands less so. If Evernote as a company is indeed a “hundred-year company”, silos with tens of thousands of notes will become commonplace. I really struggle with searching currently. Just cannot understand why the search function has been made so opaque. Even now, 18 months after migrating from DEVONThink, I occasionally have to go back to the books to figure out certain search criteria. Ended up cobbling together a Keyboard Maestro macro which lets me input up to 6 search variables without having to type search pointers. This will generally find most things, Sorry for wandering off-topic. I agree that EN clearly needs further refining of searching in the context of large databases and particularly in the context of shared notebooks. Steve J
  10. GM, thanks for this. Had actually created a 2nd account specifically for sharing these notebooks but the invites always led to shared notebooks being linked to my primary account. Go figure! Oh well, off to put in a feature request. Thx for the info. Steve J
  11. Folks, Have multiple shared notebooks with confidential health info from friends. Have tried every option but cannot prevent Edit > Find > Search Notes from searching all my personal data as well as the data from friends. Am am in no way interested in search results from these shared notebooks - unless I specifically want to. I have found this behaviour so annoying that I have simply unshared these notebooks, which I don't really want. So, is there any way to perform a search without the shared data showing up? Any suggestions/comments most appreciated. Steve J
  12. Or Drafts.app. Great little app which plays nice with TextExpander and sends to most of the popular note-taking applications in iOS, Evernote and Omnifocus in particular. Defaults to plain text but does Multimarkdown too.
  13. I just ended up creating another EN user account for sharing this information with my friends. No weird tags or odd notes appearing in my personal EN world. Steve J
  14. Yes! This was annoying me too. I don't even want to see those shared notes unless I actually look for them. I ended up creating a new Evernote account specifically for sharing notebooks with friends. Not me sharing mine, but for viewing their stuff. On a Mac with Premium Acct. Steve J
  15. Folks, Is there any way to have shared notebooks not show up under the Notebooks tab as default? A number of friends have given me access to specific notebooks in order to share certain types of information. I don't however want these notebooks to be part of my daily Evernote experience. I actually much prefer the previous system where shared notebooks showed up under a specific tag. Steve J
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