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  1. @Shane D. Any updates on if this is ever going to be fixed? Seems like a simple issue to be fixed. I am a bit skeptical as Evernote is known to not fix minor issues for a long time or never, which is unfortunate. I recently tried 10.5.6 and it still does not work on there.
  2. Notes that I make on my android device and desktop legacy version are not syncing with the ios app. This is a serious bug as the notes do appear on the web version. I uninstalled and redownloaded and still the issue is present. Also note, that notes I make on ios device do sync to other devices, but vice versa is not working. Please help me troubleshoot.
  3. So I used Evernote for android Beta for a bit and as said its in Beta. It has issues expected in a beta release like Images attached do not appear as images, but rather as attachments. The app was considerably slower too, but this was a couple of weeks back. Adding Tags was especially laggy. Responses got registered with a few seconds lag. The new editor worked good and even search was ok. As you said android lacked the most features in the stable version anyways, so don't remember if any old feature got cut in the beta. All in all, it was use-able but due to the general lag I opted out of beta and am back to stable.
  4. I just deleted the new version and am back to using the legacy version for now. Here's the link to install it.
  5. It happened to me as well. I solved the issue by ending evernote through the task manager and starting it again. That solved the issue for me.
  6. @Shane D. I think the main issue atleast in my case is the always sync in Evernote 10 desktop which is on and not available on the android version. This happens especially when both my desktop evernote 10 application is on and I am editing some note on my android device. When I quit my desktop application, I do not get duplicate notes issue. Could you look into this ?
  7. When I click multiple images using the evernote camera in an order and then click the tick mark, the images get arranged in an haphazard manner instead of the order I took the images in. Please fix it as its a huge hassle to arrange them or to take one picture at a time.
  8. Unfortunately this has always been the case with evernote. Updates are launched regionwise with states being first, so just sit tight you will eventually get the update or just do it manually like you are doing now.
  9. This does not work as I have a series of images it just goes to the top image. Thanks anyways
  10. If there are series of images, then you cannot add text in between the images. You can add only at the end of all images in the series. Please look into this bug , or is this a feature that was removed?
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