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  1. This issue has been reported by many people before. It has gone through several updates, but it still hasn't improved. I was frustrated and disappointed by the result of Evernote. These days I doubt their competence.
  2. How about this method? uninstall Evernote remove the remaining files related to Everntoe. C:\Users\{YOUR ID}\AppData\Roaming\Evernote re-install Evernote
  3. Untitled3.mp4 A recording of the process of note duplication occurring. 0:30 sign of duplication 1:24 note duplicated very tired.
  4. I'm using the v10.1.7 update now. In the meantime, there was a conflict of notes and duplication occurred. Nothing has changed.
  5. Today I was updated to v.10.1.6 through MS Store.I've been using it for about 3 hours. Note duplication did not happen.
  6. I have experienced the same. I also had a hard time taking notes. I informed through the forum. Then EN asked me to send the log file to DM. I received a reply after sending the log file. EN say "It's likely not going to be available in the next update, but shortly after that."
  7. 아마도 자동 서식 기능을 멈추게 하는 거 말씀인 듯 하네요.
  8. 특정 사용자만 그런게 아닐 겁니다. 저 또한 에버노트의 '응답없음' 상황 때문에 일의 맥락이 끊어질 지경입니다. 에버노트는 이 문제를 일부의 불만 쯤으로 여기지 마세요.
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