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  1. Add me to the list of interested users in iOS. There are so few options in this arena that you will fare very well.
  2. I am pretty sure I brought this up in 2014, 2015, 2016, and here it is again. It's one of the main reasons I am constantly on the lookout for the 'better solution' of which there is none. I have tried DevonThink, Nimbus Note, OneNote, etc. They are each good at a couple of things but not as feature packed, or as 'clean' as Evernote. But if Nimbus can create repeat reminders, why can't Evernote? People have been clamoring for this feature for years. It's just the votes have been reset. The best workaround currently is using the Swipes service. It's free to use. It's available on the web, iOS, Mac, and Android. I am not sure if there is a Windows app. But essentially you tag a note "swipes" in Evernote, and Swipes will pick it up in their app as a task. You can then schedule the note with repeat functionality. Each "checkbox" in the Evernote becomes a subtask to the title of the note in Swipes. It works pretty well, and who knows, it may work better than Evernote's eventual solution.
  3. I just recently realized the advantage of Evernote Premium and signed up a week or so ago. I really like all of the benefits and at $5.00 /month it is a no brainer. When I signed up I was able to see my AAC files in my notes, however I can not play the note when in "Read-Only". Nothing happens. However when I make the note editable and click on the AAC file it plays flawlessly. Is this how it is supposed to be? Why does the file only play in the editable note but not the read-only?
  4. A clear indicator of what is going on is what is NOT being said. And Frode, I think we can safely assume by the last staff response is that an Android App is being discussed but is not actively being pursued. It's an idea in someone's head that may or may not eventually come to fruition. It's like they are ENTERTAINING the idea... Software development is a finicky business. Something about the Android platform has turned the team off or else it would have been pursued more aggressively. Right? I think the upsetting thing is that the company is being so vague and cryptic. Just say: "It's not actively being pursued at this time." It's like you dangle a carrot that we will never stop chasing. And being that they appear not to have directed resources to the project, one can only be left to assume that ANDROID CUSTOMERS are not as valued as someone who bought the Palm Pre last week. It's a crappy feeling to have as a user...
  5. Yeah....I am a little disappointed myself. We clamor for an Evernote application for the Android but nothing and then the Palm Pre barely hits the market and all the sudden there's an app out ALREADY.... Do we need to riot or something?
  6. If the powers that be are listening: I too have moved on to Android and would LOVE to see your program on my phone. I have tried to adapt to Google Notebook and the interface just isn't as advanced as Evernote. So I too would like to voice my opinion in getting the Evernote App on Android. Thanks for listening! -Stefan
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