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  1. Search on Andriod does not work

    After syncing to my android with notebooks and note always available, all the information seems to be there. However, when I try to do a search on all notes the search never finds what I am looking for. So I went to a note on my Android found a note that had something for sure that I would search for. When I actually searched for that exact information, the search did not find it. So I went back out to the note and sure enough it is there. I purchased Ever Note because I need a freeform database to track all kinds of information. If I cannot use it this way then it is useless to me. Please fix this issue. Thanks Dave Wolfer
  2. Duplicate clips

    Is it possible to prevent Evernote App to clip a page that is already clipped? A rival app does have this feature and I hope Evernote can add this useful function to prevent multiple clippings of the same page
  3. Since the last android update (v7.17 updated Feb 9 2018) clipping articles on the Pixel 2 changes the formatting of articles into an almost unreadable simple format. Picture shows the article clipped on the android vs the article clipped with the web clipper, simplified format.
  4. I've had this happen a couple times in the past but it just happened spectacularly. The steps: 1) open widget to take photos. 2) turn on auto rotation (so the pictures arrive the right side up) 3) take about a dozen photos. Each one about 20-30 seconds apart. 4) tap the checkmark at the bottom (after waiting for it to rotate the correct way). 5) try to tap the checkmark at the upper left corner (the note checkmark). It doesn't seem to respond so I let it sit for a minute. 6) the screen times out so I wake it up and enter my code. The widget has now closed. Can't find the note. This is with a Samsung NOTE 3 running the next to latest Evernote app. I just noticed that there was a new update in the past couple weeks so I updated it just now to 7.17. The version that failed was the one right before this update. I also looked for the notes on a computer running the Evernote app. No sign of them. It looks like the widget just gave up and scrapped the whole set of pictures. This failed me 3 or 4 times today. I'm about to try again after the latest update.
  5. I would like to adjust the font size for text when writing a note. I can mark it bold, underlined etc. BUT i cannot adjust the textsize or the text color. That is not professional for such a program. Every editor can do this job...
  6. Again. Just another posting to change default font and size. I personally use a fixed size font on the desktop as my default font. Would be nice if I could set a fixed font like courier in the Android app
  7. Hello, As I know on iOS version it is possible to edit and crop scanned picture just after scanning a document, but on Android it looks like it doesn't exist. Could you confirm that? Will you add this feature to Android? Regards.
  8. Index and key words

    What do you think about adding key word feature? I see it in a way a book index would work. User could go into the "INDEX" tab and see all the notes with the selected key word/words. Multiple key words could be added to a note. I discovered I have notes with similar titles and searching for the one is painful.
  9. Hello, I've been using Android clipper perfectly for a long time. I've just migrated from Samsung S8 to Samsung Note 8 and the Android clipper just stopped working. It is now always showing Clip Failed icon and Clip Again function does not help at all. The only difference I noticed between the two platforms is the minor version of Android which is 7.0 in S8 and 7.1.1 in Note 8. Evernote has exactly the same version in both phones. The problem is not website sensitive, it fails regardless of the source. Any clues? Regards, Eduardo
  10. Hi all, I just realized that I had a bunch of old notes (10+ months) which are not shown when I use the advanced search (e.g. notebook:MyNotebook and/or tag:myTag), even though they do appear if I just select the notebook or the tag from the side menu (and both counters are ok). I tried with both web app and the android app (version 7.16). I suspect that we have a hidden filter on update date, because if I change something on an old note, it does appear later. Is there any way to disable it? Or at least a way to bulk update all my notes? Thank you in advance Giovanni
  11. I have been using Evernote for a while on my Windows desktop and my S7 Galaxy without problems, but suddenly all of my PDF notes won't open and I get a corrupted file error on my S7, they are fine in the Windows desktop version. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote on my S7 without success. JPEG and Word files display properly. The preview image of the PDFs display properly, but when I try to view the attachment I get the corrupted file error. It appears that on my phone Evernote is trying to use the wrong file format to open the PDF, if that is the case, how do I reset it to properly display PDF files?
  12. How so I adjust the wrist position setting on my Samsung tablet in the Evernote app? My wrist and palm are interfering with entering handwritten notes. Is there a special stylus that I should use?
  13. I just updated the Evernote app on my Android smartphone at some point the past week or so, and the Widget/Evernote Action Bar is now 4x2. Personally, I prefer a tighter display on my devices. I'm really not a fan of a the additional padding around the widget/action bar. I'm finding it a tremendous waste of space, but more importantly, it's jacked up the layout of my other widgets and icons. I've attached a screenshot of my adjusted version. Running a different launcher so I was able to add an extra gridline to at least keep the previous content. Can we get a 4x1 option like before? I don't mind a 4x2 as an option, but I prefer the 4x1. I'm trying to find a backup on one of my devices of an earlier version of the Evernote app to try to restore. I see no need for the extra space/padding. It's bloated and wasteful imho. Lots of developers offer different size widget options for their apps - can Evernote do this, too, please? Offer a widget size like previously available?
  14. If I insert checkbox on Android, checkbox and one space is inserted. If I insert checkbox on Windows, checkbox and no spaces are inserted. This difference makes hard to edit one list on multiple devices. I suggest to: - don't insert space after checkbox on Android to match Windows style, - increase distance between checkbox and text (margin) on Android and on the Web to match Windows distance.
  15. Custom Bullet Points

    Provide a graphics format, like the old windows Icon libraries, to enable the use of custom bullet points. Even some bitmap files each with one image that the app could load and store as bullet point images. Using Webdings and Wingdings is something of a workaround, but even those are limited and it would be good to be able to specify EXACTLY the character-sized image to use as a bullet to prefix any line of text. Maybe someone has found a method of doing this kind of thing?? My specific want is for religious symbols, but it would seem that other specialties, like chemists, medical professionals, and probably some I can't think of on the spur of the moment, would find it useful.
  16. Frequent crashes

    Hello My Evernote app crashes frequently. I'm on MiA1 running Oreo. Crashes occur when I try to save a note. Never had such crashes before. This is a first.
  17. Hello my friends, I'm using for long time evernote and i'm happy with it. recently i'm facing the problem off blinking screen. once i add a widget to my screen, the screen keep blinking ( goes black then on). once i remove the widget every thing back normal again. I have Huawei mate 10 Pro. android 8.0.0. Thanks in advance
  18. Every web page I try to clip on an Android phone to send to Evernote fails with a "Clip failed" error. It used to work fine for me, but something has gone wrong. On the phone, in a Chrome Browser open to any web site, I click on the "Share" option, select "Add to Evernote", tap the elephant to select "Clip full article" (if it isn't the default from the previous "Add to Evernote" command). It says "Saving to Evernote", and then shows a checkmark seeming to indicate it worked right. When I open Evernote, it shows a note with only the title of the web page (none of the contents or text on the web page) and an error message that says "Clip Failed". (I can turn off the "Clip full article" option, but then I only get the URL and a jpeg image of the first part of a web page, but one of the advantages of Evernote over Google's Keep is it's ability to save full web pages (which may change over time) and to be able to search the text of pages you've saved.) I can save pages from a Chrome browser on a Mac just fine, using the Evernote Web Clipper extension. On the Android phone, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, but that didn't help. Any help would be much appreciated. -Greg H. Update Feb. 5, 2018: I reported this to Evernote support on Jan. 27. They told me that the development team has been made aware of the problem and are working diligently on it. Today (Feb. 5) they told me that this bug is proving to be rather complex to nail down, but that their team is very close to a solution.
  19. Problems with sharing

    Hi all, Since i switched from ios to android, i can't save page from internet on evernote. Before on ios this was fully fonctionnal. How may i fix this problem which is absolutely annoing and destroy all the interest of evernote
  20. Please add the Ukrainian language on web site evernote.com. Add ukrainian dictionary in Windows version evernote
  21. In Android, when I open Evernote, it always opens to an alphabetical list of ALL NOTES, which seems useless to me. I'd like it to open to a list of my NOTEBOOKS. It's annoying that I must click the hamburger menu, then select Notebooks in order to see them. I can't find any way in settings to change the default/opening view. I've used Evernote for many many years, and it seems that this was once possible. Is there any way that this is possible? If not, I would request that Evernote make this change. Seems pretty basic to me.
  22. I want to check that the Android version has the full annotation features before I upgrade from basic to premium. Apologies for the many questions, I have searched the site and for reviews but not found the answers... 1) Can the android version annotate reports (highlight, comments etc.)? 2) Are ALL of these features available offline? 3) Can the android version prepare annotation reports? And can you copy and paste text from these or are they essentially images? Thanks.
  23. It would be of great help to be able to see a list of all shared notes and notebooks in one place.
  24. Control Box

    Hi all, it would be perfect if, in my note with the check boxes, the boxes I've already chopped off slide under the ones that are not choppy, so you could keep a better overview. Many Thanks!
  25. Hello, Please add two sided business card scanning to Evernote for Android. It's already on the iPad version. Android users need it as well. Many business cards today have printing on both sides or notes are written that need to be recorded. The workarounds do not work. Thank you, Lee