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  1. Hi everyone ! I'm typing my school content on Evernote on my Macbook. And it happens that I use special character because it's maths related content. For exemple, I use the 𝒇 character for the function representation. So here is my course on Evernote on my Mac : But if I'm in the transport or I can't open my macbook to see my course, I would rather use my phone, so here is my course on my Android phone : Now you see where my problem is... Do you know if there is a way to avoid that ? Thanks for the help, Steven
  2. Hi members, I used Evernote to record details of people I meet at specific places. This includes names and phone numbers for each new person. In previous version of Evernote , phone numbers automatically have direct links to the dialler which enables me to click on the number to dial the person. I am currently using version 4.1 Build 20, which does not appear to have this function built in. I have searched the net and have not found any solution. Would someone have a solution to this or am I doing something wrong? I would appreciate any help this forum can offer . Thank you kindly. .....Billyoui
  3. Why is there no live chat? According to the info posted, it is supposed to be available now, but it shows as being disabled. I urgently need help. How do I retrieve some notes that should be on the cloud?
  4. Hello: Because my experience of using Evernote Android is that the app is too big and too slow and not practical which I also notice some reports from other Evernote users, I managed to read EV note via Android browser while integrate it with my personal GTD app(MLO, MyLifeOrgainzed in this case), it is fine for me to be able to read a note associated with a MLO task item. However, from time to time, I still need to view the note listing, but I can not figure it out how, so the question as in the thread title becomes important to me, please share some useful information to me, thanks.
  5. Is it possible to change the default font size in the mobile apps? Too small right now.
  6. With the new Evernote widget for Android, it's not possible anymore to add a single task (1x1) widget to my (home) screen. On my home screen I only have space for 1x1, maybe 2x1, not for a 4x1. Further, I'm only using New text note (probably 'New simple note' now) and Search, so I don't even want to see the other options on my home screen, because it will only take up unnecessary space. This way, the new widget is quite a productivity killer for me...
  7. Hye everyone I'd like the title of my note to be taken from the first words of my note. This is possible when the option "create an automatic title from a calendar event" is checked. But it sometimes messes by creating a note title from a calendar event, which I don't want. How should I proceed to still have automatic titles, but no title taken from calendar events? Have a great day
  8. Currently, when I use Android GBoard (aka Google Keyboard) on Android 7.0, anything cut/copied and then pasted within the same Evernote note will have its font family and font sized changed. E.g. On Android, select some text in a Evernote note Copy or cut it Paste it again somewhere in the same note Sync Go to Windows Evernote and open up the same note Notice the text has changed from Tahoma 10 to Helvetica Nue 12, which is very obviously distinct from the original/default font As Tahoma 10 is Evernote's default font (as far as I can see in Windows Evernote), and I'm doing copy-paste within Evernote's own note itself, I would at least expect some form of consistency involved regarding the font-style and font-size.
  9. I am trying to choose between Evernote and Google Keep as my note taking app in Android. Since my requirement is core class room notes and ones that I have made myself, Evernote seems to be a clear winner. I have one problem though. Up until now, I have been using Google Keep and generally use the voice typing feature to jot down a lot of notes. Any ambiguity between words due to pronunciation is sorted out with the help of suggestion that occurs in the form of a grey underline. An example In Evernote, however, this grey underline does not occur. Is it possible to access this feature in Evernote? I use Anki as well, and while voice typing there I do get this greyed out line for suggestions. So it might be an app based issue. Please advise.
  10. Why is live help offline? I need to get into the cloud to retrieve some notes and I don't know how to go about doing this.
  11. Today, Evernote app crashed while I was typing. I then stopped the Evernote app but it refused to open (it crashed while oppening). I then shutdown my Fire tablet. But again Evernote refused to open. Finally, I uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled it again ( I did this operation twice) with the result that it crahed while it was synchronizing (half way intothe process more or less). I uninstalled/reinstalled for a third time. It synchronized fine but when I began working on my current note it crashed on me again. As I am on an Android device I cannot use Evernote web. Please help me.
  12. I don't know what changed but in the past 2 weeks, whenever I would edit or create a new note, when I would start typing it was sooooooo slow to respond to each character I was typing. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and using Evernote on Android version 5.0.1. I had no other app open at the time so it doesn't make sense why it was so slow. I removed and reinstalled Evernote and that did not help. What is the best way to fix this? Is there a size limit to each note? I made that note smaller in size and now it's responding just fine. If there is a size limit, is there a way to change that?
  13. *** Edit Update *** This topic has been raised before but no conclusion was reached and it was for much earlier versions of the software. It was always possible in the past, to be able to open an attachment file (say a word document) , edit it, and save it. Evernote Android would kindly ask if you would like to update the file. This is no longer the case. Evernote Android simply replies with "Resources not changed"... which is simply another way of saying "The files are read only permission" This is interesting, because the directory where these files are located (Android/com.evernote/tmp) .. or something like that .. has full read/write permissions. Also .. these files are not located on the phones SD card, but internal memory, so SAD card issues can be ruled out. Finally, I've tested this with several different application. I've opened the attachment with Android Word, WPS, Google Docs, and even Office Suite (which was "endorsed" by Evernote a few years ago as the better option for editing attachments) (Conspiracy theory 1) Is this perhaps why Evernote decided to make linking to Google Docs a new feature? This is not a suitable substitute as one cannot search these file contents from within Evernote (Conspiracy theory 2) Curiously, OneNote users also have this problem. Is there perhaps an agenda to herd us sheeple to put all our documents onto cloud servers such a Drive/OneDrive/DropBox)😁
  14. It would be nice to be able to switch/swipe through notes without having to go back and click the next one. I have a lot of photos out of textbooks or classes that I learn like flashcards with only one side and it would be great to be able to scroll through them really quickly, as 10 seconds are usually enough to get all the information.
  15. Evernote Widget on Android does not update its copy of the note, even though Evernote Android already displays the latest copy of the note. I have a note, Version A. I updated the note on Evernote Desktop at 6 pm, going from Version A to Version B. I synced Evernote Android, and the app shows Version B of the note. I look at my android widget, it shows a timestamp of 6 pm (version B ) but the content remains that of Version A
  16. I have been using Evernote first with my Kindle Fire HD and then with my Kindle Fire HD 8 with no problems. Tonday, for some reason, Evernote would not open up. I tried several things to get it to work and it would not. I then uninstalled it and reinstalled it. There it hung up, installing. After about an hour of installing, I then got an error message saying Evernote is incompatible with my device. What do I do now? How do I get it to work. More importantly, I have several notes in Evernote that I need. How do I access these? Then I tried Taskworld but could not get that to function. The eEvernote page had a link for Android users, but when I tried that got an error saying the page no longer exists.
  17. Here's the problem I'm having (android and recently web): New note. No issues. BUT if I go back to edit a note I get some funky stuff. Line breaks. Odd letter wrapping. On occasion I'll get extra spaces or extra letters if I try to hard return. Haven't messed with any formatting. It just started one day. Attached is a sample of what is going on. -Hard return mid sentence. -Letter wrapped down on its own. I thought it was app (or now web) specific. But if I try to cut/paste into another program the problem remains which makes me think it's formatting. But I haven't changed ANY settings. Notes weren't originally like this, but as I've opened them I've noticed it. Try to change it and the problem remains. Any ideas?
  18. Hello, I am starting to work on my paperless system with Evernote premium. It has been going well except one problem. A PDF file can be opened successfully with Evernote on my PC, but when I try to open the same file on my Android phone or my iPad, it can't be opened, mentioning "file is not a valid PDF". This problem only happens to one particular PDF file out of the manys in my database so far. I wonder if anyone encountered such a problem before? What caused this and how it can be avoided? What I am worrying now is the other PDF files in my database... and also the reliability of using Evernote to store my database containing many PDFs
  19. Note: This is not a complaint, it's an observation. I've sent notes through the support email, and haven't seen any changes. So I thought I'd post publicly to see if there were at least a few others who feel the same as I do about Evernote's hodge-podge text editing features. As a cross-platform application, I would hope that Evernote would at least syncronize the user interface between devices and operating systems. I've used all versions, but spend most of my time in iOS (iPhone AND iPad), Web, and Mac. I would say my primary use case is as a work log, brain dump, idea catcher, and anything else that my brain can't deal with right at the moment. So text formatting is NOT something I really want to spend my time fixing. To cut to the chase: Evernote should offer standard outlining structures, so that notes can be stored as structured HTML rather than font size changes. Four levels of headings, paragraph text, larger, smaller, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, and colours. That would be nice. Oh, other features would be great too, but that's just icing. The iPhone has it sort of right. You can set up Sections, Subsections, and Paragraph text. That works for me. But the Web version. Ick. I start a note and it uses a "standard" font size which is perfect. If I paste stuff from other applications into my note, the font sizes are all out of whack. So I select the text and set it to font size 10pt. Too small. Well, then, font size 12pt. Too large. Why isn't there a "standard font size" selection? I've got more to say, but I'd rather this be a discussion than a monologue. Help!
  20. I'm on Basic. When I launch Evernote, it opens to the All Notes page. I'd like to open to Notebooks. Is this possible?
  21. Hi there! I'm trying to figure out what conflicting changes are, what causes them, and how to prevent them from happening. I tried looking around but I can't find anything on the matter. It's a rare occurrence but it happens nevertheless. Perhaps it has something to do with formatting or the notes being synced prematurely if that's even possible? I don't know but I'm really curious. Any thoughts?
  22. Since the last "upgrade" there doesn't seem to be any way to create a 1x1 desktop shortcut to a single specific note. Am I missing it? If it's truly been removed, are there any suggestions for an Evernote replacement that has a single note shortcut capability? Thanks.
  23. Last week we released Evernote for Android v7.2 to the Play Store. In this update we introduced a new and improved Evernote widget that is part of the main Evernote app. There is no need to install a separate widget to get Evernote functionality right on your home screen. Read the blog post here to learn about the changes and improvements we made. There are known issues with certain launchers where the widgets are not showing up. If you don't see the widget please reboot your device or try looking in the shortcuts section on your device. If you still don't see the new widgets please let me know what device and OS you're on and if you installed your own launcher. Do let us know of any other issues or feedback you have. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hola comunidad, no se por qué motivo la aplicación evernote en android se deshabita sola y es muy molesto ya que tras pasar un tiempo debo acceder al playstore y dar al botón habilitar. Es la única aplicación en la que me sucede esto, adjunto imagen, agradezco de antemano sus respuestas
  25. Hello! I recently joined Evernote for the sole purpose of communicating with my school via work chat through Evernote. Ever since I joined a week or so back I have not been able to send work chats but I have been able to receive them. I have tried using the android app, the internet on my phone and an actual computer. None of these things have worked and have all appeared with the same error: message cannot be sent. I really need this to be able to communicate with my class. Can anyone help? Thank you for your time.