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  1. Missed changes made to a note

    Using my Tablet Galaxy TabA I have exported a text from Pocket (Android) to Evernote; then I marked, using the mark text, some passages of the text; I finally added notes with the S-pen, using the "Writing" tool, in some parts of the note, I did this on the street, I was connected to the Internet through the Internet sharing of my Galaxy Note5; Everything seemed fine; already at home I accessed the note of my 2 in 1 Yoga 520 and noticed that the annotation using the tool "Writing" had disappeared, I took a look at my Tablet and there also the note had disappeared. I do not know if there was a problem saving the note in Evernote for Android or if it was a problem in sync. Anyway it was a problem. What I lost is not so serious, but it could be. Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know a way to avoid this problem?
  2. Usando o meu Tablet Galaxy Tab A exportei um texto do Pocket (Android) para o Evernote; depois eu marquei, usando o marca texto, algumas passagens do texto; finalmente adicionei anotações com a S-pen, usando o ferramenta "Escrita", em algumas partes da nota, fiz isto na rua, estava conectado à Internet através do compartilhamento de Internet do meu Galaxy Note5; Tudo parecia bem; já em casa acessei a nota do meu 2 em 1 Yoga 520 e notei que a anotação usando a ferramenta "Escrita" tinha desaparecido, dei uma olhada no meu Tablet e lá também a anotação havia sumido. Eu não sei se houve um problema ao salvar a nota no Evernote para Android ou se foi um problema no sincronismo. De qualquer forma foi um problema. O que perdi não é tão grave, mas poderia ser. Alguém tem tido problemas semelhantes? Alguém conhece um meio de evitar este problema?
  3. It's been a few years now, since someone made the suggestion to implement a dark theme in Evernote for Android/iOS/WebOS. I don't know why it's taking so long or respectively, why it isn't possible for the Devs to even make one! Is it really that hard? We're near to 2018 and Evernote - one of the famoust Note Apps - still have only the "eye-burning-white-theme-at-night". Like for real: I'm not just working on Evernote during the day, I also have ideas at night, which I want to write down on my Evernote. But it's so hard then, to keep my eyes open with this awfull white theme. So come on: I'm an Plus User, so I'm paying you guys money! Such as many many other people! Please have the time and think about a night mode feature in your app! It's not that hard.
  4. I am running Evernote android app version 7.15. This update instituted an extra step to move a note from one notebook to another which I feel is unnecessary and unergonomic, and I urge Evernote to revert to the previous system. Current system - 1) in "Move Note" screen click on name of desired notebook, 2) click on "MOVE" (bottom right corner of screen), 3) click on check mark (top left corner of screen) Old system - 1) in "Move Note" screen click on name of desired notebook, 2) click on check mark (top left corner of screen) I'm not sure why the "move" button got added but my hand is already cramping from moving a dozen notes through this silly new UI. It's especially hard to go back and forth between buttons on opposite diagonals of the phone screen. Thanks.
  5. As I understand you don't answer on email (on Google Play app description). Okay I post it here. The Hamburger menu (top left) extremely lags at the opening on the tablet and on the smartphone, this awful lag, and in general the jerky, not smooth animation has dragged in Evernote a very long time, it's a pity. But the developers claim that Evernote - is their bread and main application blah blah blah, but the speed, smooth animation very very poor level... When press hamburger menu it's slides with huuuge lags... Fix please asap. Android 7.0 (Tab S2 T819 with Nougat) Android lollipop 5.0.2 (LGG2-D802)
  6. reminder

    hi the reminder notification in the notification bar goes off just after appearing for once that not good it should at least stay till not marked as done.
  7. Fingerprint unlock won't work after adding 3rd fingerprint to Note 8. I had my wife add her fingerprint to my existing 2-fingerprints (5-limit) and now it keeps saying 'Fingerprint not available at the moment'?
  8. On my new Note 8, when I select handwriting, the S Pen responds slowly while writing. If I write on S Note, or Sketches, or Google Keep, the ink responds as expected. However, on Evernote, the ink is waaaaay behind the pen stroke. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  9. I was delighted to find "Evernote Webinars" today, because I had the time and opportunity today to shortcut the process of learning to use this app effectively. However, I was equally disappointed shortly thereafter to discover that under the "Recorded Webinars" heading on that page, there was only: Evernote (Basic, Plus and Premium) Getting Started with Evernote (Windows) Getting Started with Evernote (Mac) ...but no Getting Started with Evernote (Android). Is there any chance of producing and publishing such a Recorded Webinar (aka video)? I hope so. Thanks.
  10. I know I can quick add a note with Google Assistant, but one functionality that's missing is the integration that used to allow me to share a shopping or to do list with a family member, then bring that up on my watch while I ran errands so I can easily tic off boxes while I took care of business. Especially when shopping with one arm holding a basket and pulling items off the shelf with the other - holding your phone can be dangerous, so managing that list from the smartwatch is one of the valuable uses for me. I know there are other apps that can accomplish this, but I'd hate to use another app just to get this functionality outside of my central Evernote notebooks. Not having this functionality is certainly making me reconsider as my premium account renewal is looming.
  11. [BUG] Android App Camera Flash

    In the multi-shot mode (which I want to use to avoid photos taking up gallery space), if I have the flash setting icon to "always", the flash only works for the first photo. Subsequent photos are underexposed and blurry. Anyone else see this? Galaxy S7.
  12. Is it possible to make the android app function more like the windows desktop app? With dex station and chrombooks coming out , I believe this will be a trend . For example , multiple windows for the notes individually. Thanks
  13. To speed iOS workflow after using ScanSnap to import a ton of documents, it would be a big help to be able to swipe right on a note to bring up a list of notebooks to move a note into. Currently swiping left brings up some options, but not swiping right. I like to scan a big stack of papers at home and then use my phone later to sort & organize. But it takes a few extra taps, especially since on iOS you can’t select multiple notes and then move them all at once. swiping right could instead bring up this screen:
  14. ノートにGoogleフォトの画像を貼り付ける際、Googleフォトの画像一覧が表示されます。 ところが、画像ファイルを並び替えしたいのに、「名前順」しか選択できません。 非常に選択しづらいです。 普段、Googleフォトは「日時順」で使用している人がほとんどです。 今のままでは、とても作業効率が悪いです。終には作業を放り出しました。 せっかく連携しているのに、とても残念です。
  15. Hi there, I'm running Evernote android on my Chromebook Plus and I've noticed that even when I have the app expanded I'm not able to edit my notes unless I hit that obnoxious "edit" button, is there a way to negate that? And then, when I do hit edit, I'm not able to view my full app layout, it's just a giant version of my note alone. I can select "exit full screen" or some such verbiage but then I'm back to my first problem - I have to hit edit to type! I'm hoping there's an actual solution to this so I can keep using Evernote because beside this it's quite my favorite. Thank you so much.
  16. How to copy a link

    So, I hate using smartphones to replace computers. I've been using computers since '84, & nothing about a smartphone is easy for me not to mention it's a very lame chopped down version of the real thing & I'm not just talking about Evernote. So I've been unable to copy one link out of let's say 4 links in a note so I can paste it to someone in a text or WhatsApp, etc. Also, whenever I want to open that link in a browser, clicking on it, or even holding it down doesn't do it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  17. Hi Evernote, I've been using evernote for 5 years and then comes **another product from competitor** and introduces note coloring and note pinning and it's suddenly so intuitive to use! Here are the suggestions: background color of the note snippets (only snippets) so they can be easily distinguished by color in the list of notes inside the notebook. The background of the note itself doesn't change so it doesn't become hard to read. As one exception, a title space of the note can have the same color as the note snippet to connect style of the note to the snippet. pin notes to the top of the notebook - this is such a no brainer! There are notes which just must be on top all the time, period, while other notes must follow normal sorting pattern. Evernote is much more powerful than alternatives but its interface is still a pain. Thanks. Best Regards, George
  18. Hi For whatever the reason uploading anything to server takes ages if happen at all. Under same wireless network, evernote desktop immediately uploads/downloads without any problem however I cannot do the same using my phone. I do not know what I can do except reinstalling the app which I did a few times. This has become a serious concern now as I use evernote at work very often (take photos on construction site, annotate and send out is most frequent). Is there anything I can do to clear this issue? Thank you
  19. I want to hidden my secret notebook. Unlock passcode when I open program is not enough safe for me. It note safe. Thank you.
  20. how can export my notes to directly docx format?
  21. I scan all the business cards I receive into Evernote using the camera. Are these images saved on my phone? Or just uploaded to Evernote? My phone is almost full so I try to limit image space usage .... and never have found Evernote business cards ... so I am curious if they are there or not. Thanks! AG
  22. Strange spell check issues seem to be present on windows and android versions of Evernote. Even recently the word "gauge" wasn't being recognized as correct spelling. Formatting issues also seems to still plague the app, trying to make the text all match and remove or add formatting is still an issue, this needs to be improved please.
  23. Pretty much what the title says. I installed Evernote on my Acer Chromebook a while back, and probably don't use it as much as I should. When I went to open the app today, I couldn't find it on the computer. The Play store says it is installed, but as far as I can tell, it isn't. Anyone experience anything similar, or have any advice?
  24. It looks like Evernote updated and deleted everything I had. It's acting like my account is new. I think my phone just did an update, but it's never been a problem before. Has anyone else had this issue?
  25. Поновившись виникли проблеми ... таке повідомлення з'явилося і нічого не допомагає ... що можна зробити? Як отримати доступ до записів? Не хочеться їх втратити ... Після оновлення програми з'явилася повідомлення, скрин якого я зробив ... Перевожу на русский: Evernote не може створити файл бази даних. Якщо проблема повторюється, перезавантажте телефон і переконайтесь, що картка пам'яті правильно встановлено ... Платформа перезавантажена не один раз ... Карта пам'яті стоїть правильно .. Що зробити, щоб програма заробила і дані не були втрачені